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Hey! I’m Tosin

Well on this platform i go by the name Oluwa T Love, i was just messing around so i shortened my first name Oluwatosin to Oluwa T and added love since this website is all about love.

I created this site after a break up i had with someone i was engaged to at the time, although i was the one who walked away for reasons i learn’t and am still learning about.

Here, i am not claiming to be some love expert or what not, but you will learn a thing or two that could help you in your love life and relationship based on my experiences and those of others i have experienced over the years.

For instance the Love Messages on this site was inspired by the need to constantly send messages to my partner after discovering that she always wanted me to send her lovely messages which was a way to fully express my feelings.

The love relationship tips are based on some of what i learn’t throughout my relationship, trust me i learn’t a whole deal and the hard way to. Experience they say is the best teacher, well that’s true indeed

I am also working on a cool app that will blow your mind, so watch out, because i believe it is something that might be useful to you.


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