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Divorce is an epidemic in marriage, these days people get divorced faster than they get married, thereby leaving everyone with the question what is the best age to get married if you actually want to escape divorce.

But this question is flawed because age is nothing but a number and it is relative , there are people old in age who act like little children and there are people very young in age but act way more older than their ages. So the real question should be

How mature enough should one be to get married? To answer that, if you want to get married and escape divorce then you should be matured enough to

Forgive easily
We are all different in personality and attributes, we all have our likes and dislikes, that is what makes us different and special, so coming together to live with another person will bring about conflict of interests, your partner will hurt you over and over again without even knowing it, so forgiveness is a must

This is also very important, knowing when and how to compromise is a skill that must be learn’t, due to differences, you both would have to compromise on lots of things so that you can find a common ground to agree on most things

Be submissive
The bible says wives be submissive to your husband and husband love your wives, this indicates that both of you have to be submissive to one another, you have to listen to each other’s advice, no one knows it all. The bible says two are better than one, if one falls the other will pick up the one that falls. Being submissive is a must if you want to escape divorce in marriage

Be open minded
With an open mind you can explore the world full of opportunities, remember you are going into a union with another individual who has his or her own ideals, values and understanding, so you have to be open to accept some of them. Being close minded will blind you to some of the potentials of the union and also if you insist on your own way always it would lead to unsolvable conflicts which will eventually lead to divorce.

Agape Love
There are various types of love, but the overall superior love is Agape love which is the Godly love, love that does not look or expect something in return, God loved us before we loved him, he died for us and forgave us even before we committed sin again, because his desire for us is to have life and not to perish. So until you are able to love your partner by anticipating his or her needs and meeting them without expecting any thing in return, you are not of marriage age

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