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21 Best Of Love Messages For Your Lover 2

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To have a successful relationship takes effort and commitment, love messages play a crucial role as well as it helps reinforce feelings and emotions between lovers. Here are a few of the best love messages you can send to your lover right away

  1. To the ends of the world i will follow you, because there is a world meant for us to see
  2. There is a journey between us and am going to see where it leads, although there is a mountain that seems to stand in the way, but am determined to climb it because you are worth it
  3. Your love is like poison to my body, it kills me slowly bit by bit, taking apart my body from the inside out, from my lungs, to my kidney to my intestines, ironically i need you to hold it all together because you are also the antidote so either way i cannot do without you
  4. Your love is like poison to my soul, it sniffs out the life in me, without you also i would be lifeless so what am i supposed to do without you my love?
  5. Your love is like magic which has got me blinded to every other thing, i see nothing but only you baby and i love you
  6. It’s like you have cast a spell on me, you have turned my heart of stone to a heart of flesh, i thought i was very hard until i met you, now am like a jelly who cannot leave without you
  7. Just give me a chance, i won’t let you down, no matter how hard it may be, i will always be there for you
  8. We are all broken, but it’s about finding the person whose broken pieces fits yours, am glad to say i have found mine, you make my broken pieces whole again
  9. Sometimes i just feel like giving up but i can’t because your love keeps me going on and on, its my motivation for living. Thanks love…
  10. Your love is like a curse to me, i can’t stop loving you even if i wanted to
  11. Your love is a blessing to me it makes my life so rich and abundant, because of you i can confidently say i am blessed beyond measures
  12. Every cell in my body says you are not right for me, i have tried to reason and convince myself, but my heart says otherwise about you, i guess you cannot tell the heart what to do
  13. If loving you is the message that will cause consequential damage to my life then i guess am ready to face all of it just for you, that’s how much i love you
  14. So many times i have thought about just having another lover on the side to see how it feels or if i could find something better but my heart has not been able to comprehend it, my love for you conquers all
  15. Even you are down to nothing i will make sure am always there for you so you can have the strength to get up to something
  16. They say the true strength of love is tested when all the pleasant things that once was there is no more there, am willing to go through that experience just to prove my love to you
  17. Each night i will wait for you to come home to me to tell me how your day was because am your sanctuary, your place of rest and when you tell me, i will make the bad experiences go away by saying sweet words to you because am your replenishment
  18. You can’t understand how your love makes me feel, for you i would learn how to fight karate just to be your protector
  19. All the times i try to do things to make you happy, but each time i failed i kept trying again and again because that is what true love does
  20. So many things i would like to say about how i feel about you, but i do not know how to comprehend them, guess that’s how complex and mysterious my love for you is
  21. Because i love you, i will go round the world beaches to search for the perfect shaped pebble just for you

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