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ed in relationship

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Erectile dysfunction is a performance anxiety that causes most relationship failures today, if sex wasn’t really an important factor, the ED would never be a problem, but sadly sex comes second after love and understanding. You see sex strengthens the bond in a relationship and its so strong that’s why heartbreaks are so painful after all the bonding of the heart, body and soul

What are some of the causes of ED?

1. Porn
Yes porn, how so? well watching porn makes you addicted to the point that you need a better form of stimulation to get aroused physically, sadly porn isn’t real or natural, it is artificial and simulated, you can never get such pleasure in the real world and this causes performance anxiety. Your brain gets wired artificially to the point where real sex does not and will never appeal to you

2. Stress
This is also a big factor that causes ED and lack of sex drive in women, stress affects every aspect of the human health and is the cause of every disease known to man in the body. When you are stressed your body functions don’t work effectively and this lowers your immune system making it easy for infections and viruses to attack your body

3. Smoking and Alcohol
These are bad habits that causes ED, both of this affect the lungs and liver, the liver is mostly responsible for the secretion of bile which regulates the reproductive organs

4. Masturbation
Like porn also causes ED, masturbation is the act of pleasuring oneself and when this becomes an addiction, you will find yourself not interested in being pleasured by the opposite sex easily because your mind has programmed to pleasure itself

5. Drug Abuse
Well am not talking about narcotics here, am referring to over the counter drugs and even male enhancement supplements, you see, not all supplements are created equal. some are poorly made and can cause more harm than good. If you have cultivated the habit of self medication then you may have opened up a channel for issues

Relationship Counseling

This is very important, if your relationship is suffering from ED, there are various ways counselors can address the issues of performance anxiety affecting your relationship, remember no two cases are the same, so never judge or use other peoples experiences as a way out. So you should seek the help of one

Relationship Therapy

Also a good way to combat ED in your relationship, most people who get help with help for issues like anger, differences, impatience and others can also get help for ED as well. You should try enrolling for therapy, yes well am sure you might be thinking, do you really need a shrink? Yes you do or else your relationship will tank so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you. Sure there are credible relationship therapist out there like

Watch This Video On Erectile Dysfunction

Rachel A Sussman (lcsw) a relationship expert sussmancounseling.com

You can also check out relate.org.uk and talkspace.com

Save your relationship today, it is to be enjoyed and not endured, so do  the needful and live happy because life is to short.

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