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Physical contact is always a good way of bonding, even among animals we can see them leaning against one another calmly or aggressively, that is their own way of holding hands. Touch is a feeling like none other asides smell, touch gives a feel like no other, during sex humans don’t smell each other they feel each other. Here are some reasons why holding hands in a relationship may be good

1. It strengthens the bond between two people in a relationship

2. It gives a feeling of security, a feeling of safety, take my hands and walk with me, let me guide you, let’s go on a journey together, let’s explore the world together type of feeling

3. It makes you more desirable to your partner

4. It makes you sexually attractive to your partner

5. It fosters unity and agreement between two people in a relationship

6. It is good for healing the body due to it’s therapeutic effects, like during winter a good body warming technique would be laying naked side by side to create body heat

7. It is good spiritually especially during prayers, the bible says that, one shall chase away a thousand and two will chase away ten thousand, that can happen when you hold hands together in prayers

8. It is a sign of unfailing loyalty between people in a relationship

Well here are some reasons why we feel holding hands in a relationship is good. Loving relationships are based on sound knowledge and principles

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