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Awesome Daily Love Notes For Her 1

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Women love getting love notes, especially when they find them in awkward or less expected places, it makes them feel special, wanted and loved. To them it like high school all over again when they use to receive love letters from their boyfriends, if you can incorporate the habit of leaving love notes for your wife daily, you would be the happiest man on earth.

I do not know how to get started you may say or i do not know how to write them, here are some to get your creative juices flowing

  1. Am gone for the day, but i leave with you my love to guard and protect you whilst am away
  2. I thought i would sneak in this one on you today, don’t miss me to much
  3. You are reading this so am sure you are going to think about me all through the day, gotcha
  4. May the warmth of my arm and body accompany you throughout the day. Love you
  5. You mean so much to me, i can’t help but slip this in a note
  6. Of all the men out there you chose me, i feel on op of the world. Much Love
  7. It’s amazing how you really make me feel when am with you, like royalty, you make feel on top of the world.
  8. You are my queen and no one would ever take your place ever, ever, this is my promise to you
  9. I would roll up my sleeves and fight for you, just call me if anyone is bothering you
  10. You have given me the most precious gift on earth, the first most precious gift is from God, yours is second.

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