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Depression is a sad state of hopelessness, this could come about as a result of rejection, constant failure, confusion, frustrations and retardation. It’s never a good thing to be in such a state as it most times can often lead to suicide and it’s sad because life is so precious and worth living, depending on how you take it. God never wishes to see anyone in a depressed state, he created us to live in love and be happy. So how do you overcome depression?

How To Overcome Depression

1. Avoid isolation, no man is an island, you need people around you. After God created Adam, he said to himself, it’s not good for man to be alone, so he created Eve, so by default you are not mean’t to be alone

2. Find your passion, a passionless life will often lead to lack of will to live life, you need passion to be able to get up from bed each day to look forward to the day. This will be your very source of motivation and inspiration

3. Avoid people that make you feel bad, it’s wise to always avoid people who put you down, nothing is a perfect, we as humans are weak and susceptible to temptation, only God is perfect, so in your journey in life you there will always be people who you won’t get along with no matter how hard you try. No two people are created the same

4. Love others as yourself, in so doing you can never be depressed because God actually created us to love and be loved, when you put others interest at heart, you will live a fulfilled life and the Lord will be with you all the time because you are doing his work, he created everyone, so whatever you do on to another person you do unto the Lord

5. Love yourself, this is the most fundamental part of life, if you do not love yourself you can never be at peace with yourself, you should never be bothered about what people think about you, your main concern should be about what God thinks about you.

So here are some quotes to help pull you out of depression

Depression Quotes

1. Your weakness is a gift, in your weakness God is made strong, this only goes to prove you need God which is absolutely normal and right

2. Your situation is a gift, so no matter how it may seem, there is always an underlying factor, you just need to be patient enough to learn the lessons associated with any given situation

3. The Problems and issues in your life gives God the tools to work with to take you to your final destination in life. In the bible, Joseph who was prime minister was first sold off into slavery by his brother, framed and jailed by his masters wife but still he ended up as prime minister. God had the tools he need to work with him

4. When you envy someone’s gift you waste your grace because God has given everyone a gift, so envying others is denying yourself of the ability to maximize your potentials

5. When you wish you had what others have, you miss the gift that God has given you. Pastor Steven Furtick

6. You will miss the grace of the season if your focus is on the next season. Pastor Steven Furtick

7. Stop worrying about situations you have no control over, it’s an absolute waste of time

8. When you don’t value something you do not get it, so in order to receive or attain that position or status you desire, you need to value it first

9. Your grind is what produces the grace. Pastor Steven Furtick

Depressed Quotes

10. Always remember that you do not always have to know the how of everything, it’s exhausting trying to figure out things all the time

11. There will be times and seasons in your life when you feel you are not growing, but that’s when you are actually growing. Pastor Steven Furtick

12. It is difficult to survive the soil of success as it is to survive the soil of failure. Pastor Steven Furtick

13. God will not allow you to live in a state of certainty because that will strangle your faith. Pastor Steven Furtick

14. You grow the most when you do not know how. Pastor Steven Furtick

15. Blessed are those who seek for righteousness not those who are full of themselves and always want to know how. Pastor Steven Furtick

16. Of course you will have doubts but just don’t let them be dead ends. Pastor Steven Furtick

17. Faith is not the absence of doubts, it’s the means to overcome it. Pastor Steven Furtick

Sad Quotes

18. You can have doubts but trust God anyways. Pastor Steven Furtick

19. Doubt is the evidence of Growth. Pastor Steven Furtick

20. The closer you get to God the more questions you have. Pastor Steven Furtick

21. Real believe is the willingness to stand on it, even when you cant see it, feel it or explain it. Pastor Steven Furtick

22. The gift of faith is learning patience with mystery

23. The greatest gift God really gives are on the other side of how, the greatest gifts are wrapped in doubts

24. The promise is wrapped in doubt

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