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Important Things You Should Do Before You Get Married 7

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Marriage is a lifelong commitment that must not be entered into casually or in a hurry, many have entered into wrong marriages because of impatience and lack of understanding. Marriage like every other thing in life is based on principles and guidelines to follow, not doing this will have consequences so dire. That’s why you see some marriages so broken so early, some don’t even last up to 3 years. There are certain things you ought to do before you get married some of them are


1. Get to know your partner as much as possible, know what he likes and what he or she cannot stand or accommodate, doing this will enable you know if they are things you can cope with or not if not you will spend a lifetime with him or her living in regrets and sorrow.

2. Know your partners health status, have seen situations where either partner took the time to know each others status and further down the line when issues arose it lead to regrets. For instance blood type compatibility, an SS person should definitely not get married to another SS or even AS person, it is also good to know if your partner is free from all diseases especially sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Get to know your partner’s family by spending time with them, a bad spouse can be tolerated a bit but a bad family cannot, it is better to marry a spouse who comes from a good family, than to marry a good spouse who comes from a bad family. Some of the issues that arises in a marriage is a result of family interference. If you feel your partners family is not one you can get along with easily then you should be very careful in making up your mind

4. You should open up to your partner concerning your personal issues, hiding them will bring more pain and shame later on, if your partner is not going to accept it from the beginning he won’t accept it later. So it is best to know where you stand when things can still be remedied than later when things are beyond repairs.

5. You should try to know your partner’s expectation for the marriage, you would be surprised how helpful this can be in knowing if you can fit in easily, expectations not met often leads to frustration and ultimately divorce

6. Try to spend some quality time with your partner to ascertain how you really feel around them, the same way you feel around them now is the same way you will feel for years to come, so ultimately if you cannot stand them now, you will never be able to in future. It’s as simple as that really.

7. Try to observe how you partner behaves with you in public and around people generally, if she behaves the same way she does with you in private in public, it goes to show her real nature irrespective of any situation

You can enjoy a loving marriage, marriage is ultimately to be enjoyed and not endured, but sadly lack of knowledge makes it look as if marriage is supposed to be endured

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