15 Things Your Girlfriend Wants But Will Never Ask You 5/5 (1)

15 Things Your Girlfriend Wants But Will Never Ask You 1

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Girls are secretive in nature, well most times not on purpose, some or if not most are because they do not to seem to forward, know it alls or slutty so they live all to men to figure out. Well i feel most women hide their intentions because most men mislabel them in a bid to castigate and put them down, well we have been able to figure out some things your girl may want from you but won’t ask for it

1. Text first thing in the morning and last thing at night, but really it’s logical, starting her day with a message from you will keep you on her mind through out the day and a message last thing before bed will make her dream about you and allow her wake up with you on her mind.

2. She wants to take pictures with you so she can show her family members and friends, just a way of bonding for her.

3. She may also want you to bring her favorite food anytime you visit her, to her it shows you care because its what a woman does for her man as a maternal characteristic naturally, so when you return the gesture she is moved

4. A top or sweater of yours that has your scent on it, she wants to be able to smell you and feel your presence when she misses you or when you are not around. Such item of yours in her possession will give secure her bond to you

5. Women love really long hugs, it makes them feel mushy and emotional towards you

6. Women also love surprises, especially little ones, it keeps them on their toes, gives them adrenaline rush because they are emotional creatures

7. Slow dancing with her will give her butterflies in her stomach

8. Ladies love it when you give them sincere compliments, they always value feedback because they like to please

9. Ever sang for your girlfriend even if it was out of key? Bet you made her feel weak in her knees, women love this so much, messes with their head and heart at the same time

10. She wants deep and real conversations, not shallow worthless trash talks, you see, women are very intelligent and intuitive and will appreciate conversations that will challenge and stimulate them

11. While she loves deep and real conversations she also loves nonsense but very conversations too because she believes you cannot be to serious all the time

12. Ladies love a gentleman

13. I hope you are patient and a comforter, because women love to have that when they are in tears

14. Yes she knows you love her, but you have to make it a habit of telling her how much you love her regular because she loves to hear it.

Well hope you enjoyed this and learnt one or two things about what your girlfriend wants and you never knew about. Well we aim at making you the best lover ever so go on now and become that exceptional lover. Do not forget to send her queen quotes to make her feel special like a queen that she is

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