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After your early morning prayers your lover is the first person you should send a love message to, nothing as good as your lover receiving a romantic or love message from you first thing in the morning, it will brighten his or her day. Also make it an habit to always send a love message to your lover before bed, he or she can or will dream good dreams about you and it helps strengthen the bond between you two


1. You may say i am crazy, but i dream’t about you last night, good morning my love

2. Thoughts about you kept me up all night, good morning love

3. I spent the whole night thinking about what to say to you this lovely morning

4. While you were asleep last night, i stayed up watching you sleep and it was such a good feeling. Top of the morning to you my love

5. You look so beautiful when you are asleep deeply, have a lovely day today my love

6. It’s my turn to sleep now, was a pleasure standing guard while you were asleep last night. Have a wonderful day my love

7. Although sometimes i go to bed mad at you, but in the morning i wake up more in love with you. Good morning

8. Will you call me to tell me you are alright, because i worried about you the whole night. Good morning

Cute Texts

9. Good morning love, woke up with a smile on my face, guess it was because of the thought of you

10. Every morning i wake up i thank God i have you in my life, am grateful for life with you in it

11. I know it’s going to be a great day today because you were the first thing on my mind when i woke up this beautiful morning

12. What a beautiful morning just like you, but i must admit you are more beautiful

Text Messages

13. Each morning i look forward to seeing or hearing you because i know the rest of my day will be much more better

14. The night is usually long, but it is worth the wait because i will finally get to see you in the morning

15. You are my early morning inspiration and motivation, i do not need a cup of coffee, all i need is you

16. In the morning when you are leaving, i start to miss my best friend, you are my better half like a twin, always remember i love you

For Her

17. You make me want to get up early in the morning to take on the world because i know you have my back always

18. Every morning i leave the house, am rest assured you have everything covered because you are capable

19. Just like the early rising sun, you are my early rising light that shines so bright and illuminates my life

20. I love to wake up to the sweet smell of your hair next to me

21. I always love to wake up first thing in the morning to hold you in my arms before i get up, it brightens my day

For Him

22. I wake up every morning with a smile because i love looking after you and getting you ready for your day

23. I bless each morning because you choose me to rise up with you

24. I love to wake up every morning to greet you and tell you how much you mean to me

25. It’s a delight to always wake up early in the morning to attend to your every need, am honored you choose me over all other women


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