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good night love sms

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It is always a good practice to text your lover each night, the reason being that you would be the last thing on their mind and the first thing on their mind when they wake up also, it’s a very strong bonding and relationship strengthening practice. This works so well on women because they are moved by what they hear and not what they see. So here are some good night messages you can send to your lover starting from tonight


1. I will be available to escort you into dreamland where we can be together, good night my love

2. I will look for you in your dreams, no matter how long or difficult, i will be with you, good night love

3. I spent the whole day thinking about you, now it seems i will spend the whole night doing the same, sweet dreams my love

4. I always look forward to sleeping at night because i get to dream good and sexy dreams about you. Sweet dreams

5. Tell me if you need a helping hand to fall asleep tonight. Goodnight

6. I won’t sleep till you are safe and sound asleep, i will be watching over you.

Texts Messages

7. As you journey into dreamland may your desires and dreams about be fulfilled

8. I will sleep and rest in your wonderful arms and warmth tonight

9. Good night, sleep with the angels

10. No matter how long the night may be, i will be right there to comfort you

11. I will be right here with your breakfast in bed in the morning when you wake up, this i will do to appreciate you for all the breakfasts you have been preparing for me

12. Sleep like a baby and wake up like a giant

13. I know tonight will be lonely without you, but joy will come in the morning when i wake up next to you

14. I will see you in dreamland where all our wishes always come true, where everything is perfect

15. Its always hard for me to say goodnight to you because i wish we could stay up together in each other’s company all night long, but you have to sleep, so good night, sleep well

16. I love you because i endure most nights without you, but am glad you always wake up next to me, that’s ok my me

17. You make my nights warmer and cozy, your body was created to comfort and sooth me, the pillows are just there as decorations

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