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10 Signs A Guy Like You 1

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It is always difficult for us to know the true intentions of people especially in a world of instant gratification, these days boys are only interested in picking up girls and having fun with them, they are not interested in commitments whatsoever and this makes it hard to know that because they act as if they really want to, but in the end they end up leaving after they get what they want. So how do you know if your boyfriend loves you?

1. He always wants to be around you

This is a good sign for so many reasons, most importantly it proves he has no other girl he is seeing or dating, so if your boyfriend is always calling you, always making plans to come see you, do not see it as him being needy, just be grateful you are the only one in his life

2. He tells you everything

Even before he makes a move or takes a decision about anything he asks you first, but do not mistake his asking you as a sign of him asking for your opinion or permission, he is just doing it out of love and respect for you unconsciously, this only means he values you and believes you should know everything happening with him

3. He doesn’t mind if you interact with his family members

Most guys tend to only do this once they are certain they want to marry you. But if your boyfriend does this sooner it only means he values you as someone he can marry and sees no reason why you cannot be friends with his family

4. He always goes out of his way to please or make you happy

The truth is most guys do not really care about whatever happens to you as long as they are getting what they want from you, but if your boyfriend is making the extra effort to put a smile on your face then it means he is a keeper, do not take him for granted

5. He always includes you in all his plans

In everything, he always refers to we, then my dear he loves you enough to regard both of you as an item.

6. He acts irrationally and passionately about anything that concerns you

When a boy loves a girl he sometimes act irrationally towards her, but do not take it the wrong way it’s just a healthy sign of displaying love, when he gets mad over silly things with you, it is not to spite you, he is just reacting to how he feels

7. He seems a little jealous sometimes

Well if he doesn’t love you he won’t be bothered about who you hang out with as long as you still have the time to give him what he wants and when he wants it. But if he loves you he will demand your full attention

8. He makes you do things for him

Like running errands or making plans for him, that is a sign of trust and commitment, when your boyfriend tells you to do things for him like helping him put together an event for his company or family, it simply means he trusts you enough to be his partner in all things and this is a good thing. It is not always about going out on dates and having fun all the time

9. Complains about you being away and being around at the same time

When you are with him he complains about it a little, but when you are away he complains more about it, my dear he is head over heals for you but he doesn’t know how to comport himself

10. If he makes excuses for you

Then he loves you, even when you are wrong sometimes and he knows it, he will always try to make excuses to cover up because of his feelings towards you. Although this might not necessarily be a good thing, but it’s a sure sign that he loves you and this must not be exploited or else you will get burnt with regrets

Now you are armed with a little knowledge on the signs your boyfriend might exhibit if he truly loves and wants to be with you.

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