15 Heart Touching Life Quotes 4.5/5 (2)

15 Heart Touching Life Quotes 2
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Words to lift you up whenever life seems to knock you down straight in the heart,

1.Always remember that you do not always have to know the how of everything, it’s exhausting trying to figure out things all the time

2.There will be times and seasons in your life when you feel you are not growing, but that’s when you are actually growing. Pastor Steven Furtick

3.It is difficult to survive the soil of success as it is to survive the soil of failure. Pastor Steven Furtick

4.God will not allow you to live in a state of certainty because that will strangle your faith. Pastor Steven Furtick

5.You grow the most when you do not know how. Pastor Steven Furtick

6.Blessed are those who seek for righteousness not those who are full of themselves and always want to know how. Pastor Steven Furtick

7.Of course you will have doubts but just don’t let them be dead ends. Pastor Steven Furtick

8.Faith is not the absence of doubts, it’s the means to overcome it. Pastor Steven Furtick

9.You can have doubts but trust God anyways. Pastor Steven Furtick

10.Doubt is the evidence of Growth. Pastor Steven Furtick

11.The closer you get to God the more questions you have. Pastor Steven Furtick

12.Real believe is the willingness to stand on it, even when you cant see it, feel it or explain it. Pastor Steven Furtick

13.The gift of faith is learning patience with mystery

14.The greatest gift God really gives are on the other side of how, the greatest gifts are wrapped in doubts

15.The promise is wrapped in doubt, so do not let doubt rob you of God’s promises for you

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