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how to be confident in your relationship

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Confidence is an aura of self believe that can be perceived by others, it emits self love, self worth, the result of doubts and fears you have overcomed in life. People love to associate with confident people because its portrays self mastery and we all as humans attain to achieve that level of living.

Yes some are born with the gift of confidence, unfair right, yes well it is something that can be learnt and acquired as well, those born with the gift just need little or no effort to make use of it. But those without it need to work it out, and here are some few tips on how to be confident

1. Deal with your past

The past is the past so let it be, it’s funny how some of us get stuck in the past, we allow it determine and mold our present and future state and this is a big deal. You are not your past, you are your present, if you the success stories of those who made it you will realize their past was way nothing compared to their present level of success, that simply tells you that it’s not your past that determines your present or future it’s your choices that do matter. So make up your mind to let go of the past especially if it was not a good one, you need to let it go or else it will ruin your present and future endeavors

2. Refine your mental state

After dealing with your past, you need to deal with your mental state, it all happens in the mind, you are what you think about, so in order to become confident you need to let go of the limiting beliefs you once held, those beliefs will constantly undermine your efforts no matter how hard you try.

3. Picture your new self

After refining your mental state, you need to feed your mind with a picture of what you actually want to become and how you actually want to be perceived, the mind has the capabilities of transforming you into that which you constantly feed it, it has no filters subconsciously, so what you constantly picture will become reality sooner or later

4. Create a strategy

You have pictured your new self, so how do you live it now? Well by creating a strategy, it could be by writing down affirmations, reciting them, visualizing them until they become part of you. If you are able to form a new habit and do it consistently for 30 days it will become part of you. So cultivate the habit of confidence and sooner or later you will as confident as you can ever be.

Hope this helps, these tips are not carved in stone and are by no means authoritative of any sorts, they are just opinions based on experience. If you do find them useful, please share and leave a comment below.

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