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Sext is the act of sending sex inducing messages, it is the act of stimulating the mind sexually through sex. Basically sex isn’t just a physical activity, it is also mental, that’s why you can be in the mood or not in the mood to have sex. If sex was entirely physical it would mean you could have sex irrespective of how you feel at the moment.

Men are more sexually active than women, men can be ready for sex even before you say the word sex, men are more physical when it comes to sex, while women are mental. A man does not need foreplay that much unlike women who do, if you really want to enjoy sex your lady, you have to indulge her

For women sex can begin early in the morning mentally and one way to do that is by sexting, in other words, sending a sexy message through out the day till you get home, that way you have prepared her mind and the moment you get home, she will be all over you like a horny rabbit, confused, anxious, excited and happy to do whatever pleases you and i say again, whatever pleases you

How To Send Dirty Texts

1. The most important thing to know and get rid of is fear
You might be thinking of how she would accept and respond the gesture, but the about it is that you never know and whereas we learn everyday and you can teach your spouse to love and accept it. Don’t be sacred to express how you feel at all times

2. Take baby steps
Especially if it is something you are doing for the first time, so don’t go sending rude nasty messages off the bat

3. It’s always about timing and spontaneity and being in the moment
So the moment it hits you just do it, if you are in the middle of anything and the thought hits you, just pick your phone and text away

4. Always do it with respect and courtesy
Be sure to always ask for feedback so you know what is acceptable or not

5. Choose your words carefully
She is your wife or girlfriend, not some prostitute so the choice of words you use must be reasonable and sensible, words can make or break the whole idea behind sexting. But if you have gotten to the level where there are no boundaries with your partner then you are good.

Sext Messages
Here are some dirty messages you can send to your partner right now to get your sexy groove on

1. Am sitting right here at work, but i can’t concentrate, all that is on my mind is the thought of what i want to do to you tonight

2. I know you already asked me what i will be having for dinner, but on second thought i will prefer to have you for dinner instead, so just lay yourself on the dinning table,am on my way

3. I love the way you kiss me back when i kiss you, i miss it already and i am so looking forward to it yet again

4. Your body captivated me, it excites me, it makes me feel alive, i want to explore it

5. I have come across so many women, but i have not met any as pretty, sexy and naughty as you

So start sexting, it is fun, it can add more excitement to your relationship or marriage, does your relationship need a lift? Then sexting is the way to go.

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