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10 I Love You Messages For Your Lover 1

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Most times we assume our partners or lovers know that we love them, but it’s always still best to continue to tell them to reassure them, truth is the world is framed by words, and what we keep hearing over and over again we manifest, so keep telling your partner or lover you love them by sending them I Love You Messages

1. I love you because you are truthful and honest and that’s hard to find these days

2. I love you because my heart feels it’s the right thing to do and i cannot help it

3. I love you is over rated, rather i adore you

4. It is the way that you move, the way you talk, the way you think, the way you compose yourself that makes me love you

5. I love everything about you, you compliment me in my area of weakness

6. Don’t you ever take your love away from me, or else i will go crazy

7. Who taught you how to love and care for me, you do it so effortlessly that i cannot help myself but love you

8. If i had only one wish, i would wish to go back to the very first day i met you, it’s a feeling i cannot get over. I love you

9. I love you so much that i do not even notice your weaknesses

10. Sometimes i ask myself, what has love got to do with it, well i don’t care, all i know is that i love you

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