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How To Talk To A Girl & Impress Her The First Time You Meet Her 8

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First impression about everything and anything matters, this is usually the deal breaker, approaching a woman for the first time determines if you would get a second date or time with her and most men fail woefully. Here are some tips on how to talk to a girl and impress her the first time you meet her

Tips To Impress a girl when you meet and talk to her for the first time

1. Be calm and patient

Women are good at detecting if a man is feeling uneasy or intimidated, it is best to act like you do not care less about the outcome of you talking to her.

2. Be blunt and direct

when you need to be blunt and direct, do not be afraid to say what you want to, girls are always used to hearing what they want, if she looks very sexy and you have a urge tell her politely. For instance, i like what i see am more than impressed and i am loosing my mind. Most guys won’t have the guts to say this because of fear that she may not like it or it may come off as naughty

3. Do not act like a clown just to make her laugh

You might succeed in getting her number or making her happy, but she will always only see you as a clown that makes her laugh. The day you try to make a move on her she will only just laugh about it and that’s it.

4. Talk less and listen more

Women like to talk and talk and are attracted to men who listen because they believe they care enough to listen to them rant.

5. Do not try to please her

Just do what you feel is OK by you. Doing that will make her curious about you because most guys are bent on pleasing her but you are not and she will wonder why. Curiosity they say is what killed the cat

6. Do not stay to long with her

Once you feel you have had enough to keep her interested cut the conversation short by leaving, let her know you have other important things to do

7. Do not ask for her number out-rightly

If she is interested in you enough she will ask why you do not want her number, if you want to make her weak in the knees, just reply saying well you never call her but if she gives you, you might have a reason to call her

8. Always use simple and plain words

Do not give your best away initially, if not there won’t be anything left for next time, be a box she has to unravel bit by bit. Girls love to unravel things

9. Always keep eye contact with her, this is a sign of confidence

Fact is most people cannot maintain eye contact for long, but if you can, it exudes confidence, trust, passion and enthusiasm, so always look her dead in eye, there is no harm in making her feel less uncomfortable from time to time, this will boost your reputation with her instantly.

These are just a few pointers you can take to heart.

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