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12 Signs You Are Not Enjoying Intimacy With Your Partner 7

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Intimacy is a very sweet and pleasurable experience in both relationships and marriages. We are programmed for intimacy, it lifts our spirits and makes us whole. Here are some signs you are not enjoying intimacy with your partner

1. You do not long or wish to be with your partner

This is the most important sign, if you enjoy intimacy with your partner you would always want to be in each other’s company at all times

2. You feel tension whenever you are around your partner

This is never a good feeling, if you enjoy intimacy with your partner you will not feel tension around them no matter what is happening or might have happened because you know that you can always work things out

3. You feel intimidated by your partner

Then this can only mean your relationship is conditional, for example you might be in a relationship with a guy because he took up your responsibilities when you have no one else. Relationships like this are not always intimate

4. You feel the urge to please your partner at all cost

This could be a sign that you are not enjoying intimacy with him or her and you are trying to go out of your way to get to that level by pleasing them by any means possible to the extent of lowering your standards.

5. You never get to voice your opinions or concerns about issues is another sign of lack of intimacy

In a relationship both partners are supposed to share and express feelings with one another. If you find yourself holding back on some of your feelings it means there is lack of intimacy between you both.

6. You do not feel sexually attracted to your partner

This may be because you are not enjoying intimacy with your partner. Sex in a marriage is very vital, after love and understanding sex is the next important thing

7. You feel easily irritated by your partner is a sign of lack of intimacy

Well you have to feel something else if you do not feel loved

8. You are always ill mannered towards your partner for no good reason

Another sign you feel when you do not experience intimacy, you become edgy and rude unintentionally, well it’s just suppressed emotions bottled up

9. You are very judgemental towards your partner

Often a sign of irritability you feel towards your partner instead of intimacy, you could say it is the opposite of how you are supposed to feel towards your partner, if you do not feel intimate with them, you would either feel judgemental or flighty with them

10. Nothing your partner ever does for you is good enough no matter how hard they try

This could be a sign of irritability or lack of interest of your partner, with each effort your partner puts in you just get a step further away, this could be a sign of lack of intimacy you do not feel in your relationship

11. You are not willing to make sacrifices for your partner

At this point it means you just don’t care to do what it takes to make your partner happy and comfortable, indirectly it means you are not enjoying any sense of intimacy to be motivated

12. You always try to avoid a heart to heart talk with your partner at all cost

This very bad and will never move your relationship forward. If you find yourself in this situation it’s best you let your partner know so you can work it out or move on with your lives

These signs are not set in stone but are hints to help you out

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