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Kings and Queens were born to rule, the nation is their kingdom, the citizens their subjects, the lands and houses their inheritance to control. Are you a king and don’t know the words to use to express your feelings to your queen? Or are you a queen and you do not know the words to use to praise your king? Here are some quotes or sayings you can use

Love quotes for Queen

1. My queen, my love, my joy, my heart, my kingdom without you is incomplete, i would trade my kingdom just for you

2. Whenever i do not know who or where to turn to for help or advice, you are always ever so reliable and assuring, you always know how to put me back on track

3. It’s a tough job ruling over people, but with your love and support my queen, it seems so easy and rewarding

4. My queen, just one glance of you in the morning is enough to last me throughout the day, through all the stress and worries of ruling, the image of your face sees me through

5. What would i do without you my queen, in this cold world, everyone is just out for him or herself, am glad you are always about my well-being

6. I will go to war just for you my queen, no matter the circumstances, that’s how much you mean to me

7. I now understand that, you are a reflection of your partner, lately have been seeing your reflections in my thought, choices and habits. You have made me a better king

For King

8. My king, my shinning armor, look at you in your splendor and glory, am glad to be your queen

9. Let me rub your back with ointment, soak your feet in water, wash your body with the best oil because you are a king and deserve to be treated royally

10. I like how you make me feel special by placing me above your kingdom, not many men can do that, well you are not a man, you are a king

11. Your royal smile moves me, your royal looks breaks me, your royal touch makes me weak in the knees

12. Of all my jewelries you are my most prized possessions, i will give all up in a heart beat just for you

13. You glow more than the shiniest gemstone in my heart, no one knows or can see that because you are buried deep in my heart

Relationship Quotes

14. I want to make you my queen, my lover, my lady, my vice, i want you next to me on my throne

15. You make me want to conquer a kingdom and become a queen, because you look so royal and being a queen befits you

16. You have the heart of king, that’s what attracted me to you, am honoured to be your queen

17. In my head i see you in a purple apparel, purple is royalty, so you are royalty, your majesty

18. Lets build a kingdom together, i see the potential in you, and i know from that potential greatness can spring up

Black King

19. My king who bleeds black, the color of the soil, color of realness, you are my reality

20. Black coffee no cream has a ring to it, same way you have a ring to my head every time i see you

21. Black is the new breed of royalty, let me produce a breed of royal race, i would be honored

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