Ladies Are You Guilty Of Any Of These Schemes 5/5 (2)

Ladies Are You Guilty Of Any Of These Schemes 1

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In order to get a man’s attention, a lady could go to any length, obviously they know men are moved by what they see and not what they hear, so it is very easy to get a man, it just takes wisdom and determination

It looks awkward but holds water.Even a teenager girl knows the way to getting a guy to like her. They’re simple principles that when masterfully applied yield results.

Source: Nairaland

Here are some of the simple things girls do to deceive guys

1. They fake a tiny and care phone voice
2. They sometimes go out of their way to get fake bum and butt
3. They specialize in the act of shedding crocodile tears whenever they are in need of something
4. They usually come up with temporary good manners
5. They know how to pull up a pre-arranged vocabulary to impress the hell out of you
6. They expose their cleavages
7. They cat walk
8. They put on fitted clothes to make look appealing
9. They always have the best hairstyle on
10. They come off as intelligent and smart
11. The use of heavy makeup which transforms them completely
12. They start selling themselves on how good they are or can be

Here are just some, they are not set in stone, just based on personal opinion, and this is not to bash any lady out there, rather it’s just to give an eye opening. Please feel free to comment below

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