3 Love Lessons From The Black Panther Movie 5/5 (1)

3 Love Lessons From The Black Panther Movie 1

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Black panther is the rave of the moment now and it’s one of the best things after Obama being elected as president of America to happen to the black community, but there are lots of valuable lessons to be learnt from this amazing blockbuster. Here are some love lessons that we were able to garne

1.Absence of Love breeds Hatred

Where there is no love or where it is absent, hatred will take over, you can either have good or bad no neutral, it’s either black or white, T challa’s father made a wrong decision that cost the kingdom of Wakanda greatly, yes he could have been right to kill Killmonger’s father for betraying wakanda, but he shouldn’t have left the little boy behind all by himself. The absence of Love from the decision to abandon the little boy opened him up to hatred and vengeance which later on almost destroyed the kingdom of Wakanda

The hatred and vengeance in Killmonger’s heart was so intense that he literally single handedly brought Wakanda to it’s knees, thats how powerful it can be, both Love and Hatred are powerful, so whichever one you feed the most will grow enormously till it becomes untameable.

Love untamed is a beautiful thing, but hatred untamed is a nightmare and that’s what we saw first hand with Killmonger, he meticulously over this lifetime worked towards destroying Wakanda through the false vision his father also shared, we believe if T challa’s father had taken him or made plans for him when his father was killed, Killmonger wouldn’t have turned out the way he did, he might not have even known the full extent of what happened and could have felt it was accident which is a common occurrence in that part of the world where he grew up.

2. Self Love

The movie potrayed the love the wakandans had for their country that they didnt want to influence or influence the world, Wakanda had the resources to influence the whole world but they choose to influence themselves. Yes they also had to hide themselves because what they had because it was easy for the world to get envious and decide to invade them to take away what they had

They were also always willing and ready to help, like in the case of the American CIA operative who was shot trying to defend T challa’s girlfriend, ordinarily they could have handed him over to the US authorities to look after him, but they knew wakanda had what it took to save him life, that was an act of love.

You cannot give what you do not have, if you do not love yourself you cannot love others, despite the opposition T challa faced he still made the choice to take him to wakanda to save his life as against to exposing wakanda and as faith will have it, the CIA operative was the one who single handedly shot down all the space crafts carrying uranium that killmonger was trying to send out of wakanda to other black people all over the world to declare war

Isn’t love beautiful, our point here is self love conquers all

3. Higher Love

You need a higher love, meaning you need to love and fear something higher, ideally that should be the Almighty God, the i am that i am, creator of heaven and earth, he should be our first and higher love. The leader of the warriors of Wakanda, Okoye exhibited this during the battle between T challa and Killmonger, W’kabi her husband sided with Killmonger because he felt T challa had failed him.

During the battle W’kabi decides to attack M’baku because he felt killing him would make his tribe back down, on his way Okoye senses and sees what he is about to do and she quickly hurries to defend M’baku, disappointingly M’kabi gets off his rhino and says to her “would you kill me my love” without a doubt she said for wakanda and she pointed her spear to him and said without question. What an epic scene

She exhibited a higher love that is, love for Wakanda and her people over her own personal love, she believed in wakanda and was responsible as the head of the warriors. what dignity and honor, most people meet someone, fall in love and put their lives in such persons hand forgetting that its only our heavenly father that should have that privilege, man can and will fail you, but God can never, so he should be loved first above all else because no man alive can give you happiness, only he can.

That’s it folks, if you haven’t watched the movie, all the rant above would have been all for nothing, you might not get a proper understanding of what we are trying to teach you. So watch the movie ASAP.

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