Cool Love Notes For Her From The Heart 5/5 (2)

Cool Love Notes For Her From The Heart 2

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Notes from the heart i want to send to her right away, because she needs to know how much you love her, she needs to be treated like a queen that she is. She choose to marry you of all the men on earth.

You are the queen i see in my dreams, you have turned my dream into a reality

I want to be everything your ex was not, you are more than what a man needs, you truly are my destiny

Am a lover not a fighter but for you i will fight, because of love

I like the way you talk to me, your words are motivating and soothing, they encourage and uplift me

When i met you, it started with just a simple conversation, never imagined we would get past that, but your sweetness has brought us where we are today which is in love

Our very first kiss made me realize it would be the only kiss i would be needing for the rest of my life

I love you to me means you are the best thing that ever happened to me

As long as the sun shines all over the heart you are one of God’s most precious works, a beautiful masterpiece worth keeping and treasured

I know am a man and i make mistakes, please don’t take your love away because i might go crazy, your love is the glue holding me together

If you ever leave me i might loose my way, i have come to realize this truth about you

We can sing a song together just you and me and it’s going to be the perfect song ever sung

We can dance all night long together forever and it’s going to be like a fantasy

You deserve to be treated like a queen, i will fulfill all your desires and wildest dreams

You have got me hooked, i can’t describe the way you make me feel whenever am around you, you have my mind twisted from your conversation and gentle touch

You have every bit of my soul making it hard for me to gain control, am on these streets like a zombie looking for you to rescue me

Awesome Daily Love Notes For Her

Women love getting love notes, especially when they find them in awkward or less expected places, it makes them feel special, wanted and loved. To them it like high school…

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