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Sending Love Notes Is An Essential Part Of A Relationship

Girls are moved by what they hear unlike men who are moved by what they see, so to make a girl feel special and likeness towards you, you just need to know the right things to say to her.  Sweet words for her is what keeps the spark, girls are emotional in nature and will sway to a man who knows how to intelligently craft and choose his words of expressing his feelings at every given time.

Notes For Girlfriend

Funny how things have changed in my life since i met you, even when you are not here i want to be where you are

You are like a rose that blooms in my garden, i always enjoy and love to tend to you every chance i can get

One thing i know is that, loving you isn’t easy for me but it’s worth every bit of it, am glad

Even though you have heard this a thousand times, i will always love you and that’s the truth

Baby, you and i together always, i breathe every of my breath for you, our chemistry defies all odds

Things in life are not perfect, but when it comes to you, it seems life seems so perfect

Heaven is my destiny when am with you, i always enjoy the ride and look forward to the next

The only place to be is with you, no where else matters because in your world i experience perfect peace and wholeness, just you and me

I always feel my life so incomplete without you, i guess you make my life worth it, wherever you are i want to be

I can’t always read your mind, but i know this for sure, you deserve someone to love you always

I have been waiting all my life to meet someone like you and i know you have been waiting for someone like me to love you

All you need is someone who cares, someone who always will be there, all you need is for me to be with you always

You need a good man to make you smile, to make you happy, to ease the pain and troubles of this world

Am mesmerized by your sexy eyes, your soft tender lips and lovely skin, i want to be able to love you and be the one to please you

Romantic Notes For Her

You have a beautiful spirit, beautiful heart, beautiful smile, beautiful lips, beautiful hips, beautiful body, beautiful voice anytime i hear it, a beautiful mouth i can’t resist to kiss anytime you let me

You all i need to love, you are all am always thinking about, you are my everything

When i first saw you, i said to myself that’s my dream, now you are my reality because you are right here with me and i will keep dreaming about you till eternity because i need you to be my reality forever

You are my dream, i never believed it could ever come through, before you came into my life, it was only a game, but now it’s not just a dream but a wish come true of all things i never even imagined

The closer i get to you, the more you make me feel that loving you is the best thing that has ever happened to me, lying next to you, time just passes by making me need you more and more

Notes For Boyfriend

Your thought gives me a lot to imagine about how my life and future will be with you

You let my imaginations run wild, that’s how hot you are to me, your body intertwines with mine even when you are not around, you constantly on my mind

I can’t stay away from you to long, even when i do i will always call to check up on you to be sure you are ok because you brighten up my world

I always had a habit of messing up until i met you, now am wiser, stronger and mature, you definitely brings out the best in me and am glad i found you

I have gotten to the point where i can cry in your arms, that’s how much i trust you with my heart and soul, you are that special to me, don’t you ever take your love away from me

I have been drowning in the sea of brokenness and loneliness until you pulled me out and saved me from myself, am supposed to be in love with you by now

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