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Relationships basically exists between two people, or so to say, a relationship is a mutually binding social activity between people which usually involves some form of commitment on both parties.

On the other hand, you can see a relationship as a journey between two people, usually these two people are headed towards the same destination or direction none the less, so each person in such relationship does what he or she needs to do in order to make the journey smooth and achievable


Unlike the conventional types of relationships taught or explained by others, am bringing a different perspective, not that it’s new though, just a bit different from what others or the status quo deems it as

  1. Friend Relationships: Yes the platonic relationship that forms the basis of all kinds of relationships, they form the bedrock of society, this is the simplest form of relationships which requires no form of commitment officially but unofficially has the most powerful form of commitment which is borne out of willingness. You see when you like a friend there would be no bounds to what you would do for them
  2. Romantic Relationships: The friendship that grows from friendship, you meet someone of the opposite sex, first you become friends then second you start developing feelings, then you start dating, you get committed and life is good
  3. Family Relationships: Of all the relationship types, this is one you cannot choose, you just find yourself in one and you roll with it, this type of relationship is the strongest of all, after all there is a saying, ”blood is thicker than water”
  4. Work Relationships: Work is a part of the human life once you get to the age of employment and this forms the most part of your life and relationships are forged spontaneously

Psychology of Relationship and Love

To me the psychology between relationship and love is that of commitment, you see love relationship is based on love, in all the types of relationship we have, love is the glue but for the different types of relationships there are different types of love.

You see you cannot have a relationship without love, love makes a relationship possible, for instance in a romantic relationship love needs to exist otherwise there would not be any basis for romance, and with this comes commitment, when you are in love in a relationship you are committed to making it work.

As with friendship you are also committed to being the best companion or helper to your friend especially in their time of need. In a family, the parents are committed to the well being of their children and so on.

Tips & Advice

  1. You should know that all relationships are equally important but have different commitment levels, so never get caught up in doing things beyond that the relationship requires, you will get burned
  2. In a love relationship, try working together and avoid being constantly critical of each other
  3. When in a relationship you should realize that you are getting a front row seat into the other person’s struggle, too often you would see what the other person needs to change more clearly that you would see what you need to change about yourself
  4. In a relationship you should help the other person grow
  5. Being in a relationship is a choice and not something to be done forcefully

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