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After God, our wives are the second most important things to us men, they are our better halves, our help mates, companions, defenders and mother to our children, their roles can never be down played. They are the givers and carriers of life, they bear all the pains and troubles of nursing and raising our children while keeping our home together. Wives need to be appreciated, so start by sending your wives Love SMS to appreciate her

1. My wife, my crown jewel, my most priced possession, you are worth more than anything or anyone else in the world

2. My wife without you there is no me, without you how could i or would i have been able to raise our children

3. My wife you are the pillar that holds my home together, keeps my children grounded

4. At the altar before i said i do, i was still having mixed feelings about if it was the right decision, but now i know it’s the best decision i ever made in my life

5. You are lover, my confidant and partner in crime, couldn’t have asked or wished for anyone else. I love you

6. I love you because when i am away, i am a 100% sure that you can hold it together for me, my lover and better half.

7. My love for you is unlimited because you are my better half, i love myself

8. Before i married you i love myself a 100%, now that you are my better half, i love myself 50% and i love you 50%

9. If i come back another lifetime, i will search for you, we are a force to reckon with both in this life and the next

10. No matter what happens out there, i will always come back to you, even when i go out of line, at the end of the day i know who i am supposed to report to. My lover, my supporter, my advocator and my wife.

11. Meet me at the altar with your white dress again, that’s how much your love is intoxicating me right now

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