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We send messages everyday, for most it’s messages about love, men send more messages to keep their women lovers engaged, if you don’t captivate her someone else will. So here are some Love SMS and Messages you can send to your lover now

For Him

1. If i was to love you again, i would gladly love you better because your love makes me better

2. Your love makes me better, brings out the best in me

3. Your love is a light to my darkness, joy to my sorrow, relieve to my pain, happiness to my sadness

4. You give me life, your love is my oxygen, without it i can’t breathe

5. The way you hold me tight shows me how much you love me, i will never let you go

6. You let me be myself, you never try to change me, i love that about you, i will change for you

7. I have never felt this way before, from the bottom of my heart i just want to tell you that you are my all in all, no one can ever love me the way you do

8. People search a lifetime and never find true love, God answered my prayers and sent you to me, now i know what true love is, am done searching

9. I can’t imagine not having you by my side, everything you are and all you do is love me for who i am, you mean the world to me more that you’ll ever know

10. Your smile makes me blush like my very first crush, so loud you can hear my heart beat from my chest

11. Like a gambler i risked everything to love you and it the end it paid off, you are my lucky win, my million dollar lottery price, you have left a big smile on my face. Priceless

12. I was cool all by myself, living it up until i met you, then i realize i was empty lost and poor, you showed me what and how life was mean’t to be, you changed my perspective and life forever

13. I will give up the world for you, i will love you forever that’s the best i can do, because you are worth it

For Her

14. My love for you does not understand anything else apart from caring, respecting and being there for you always

15. My love for you is beyond expression, words cannot describe them

16. My feelings and emotions might fail, but i can assure you that my love for you can never fail

17. When i am with you, i never feel nervous, your love comforts me

18. My love for you, will never sleep, go on break, fade away or die

19. I love the feeling i get when i wake up next to you

20. Am a better man now, i owe it all to you, your love made me

21. I see clear that my heart is with you, here in the moment and i love it, oh what a feeling you give me, am glad i found you

22. Every time with you is like my first time because butterflies is what i feel and i can never find the words to say, you are perfect and were made for me

23. It’s so easy to love you, we are compatible, incredible and natural together, oh so perfect, you are a dream come through

24. Girl you hooked me from the moment i looked into your eyes, have not been able to take my eyes off you and i don’t think i need to look elsewhere again because you are all i can ever and will ever need in my life

25. How i can be so lucky that you fell down from heaven for me, i know i do not deserve you but i will try my best to love and cherish you till you die

26. You are the only woman i make love to, the only reason i come home at night, you are all i need in my life, you make my life worth living

27. Sometimes i take you for granted and feel you would understand it, through it all you managed to make it somehow, now you have showed me what love really means, i appreciate you

28. I’ll rather have your love than have all the money in the world, you are worth more than diamonds and pearls, all other things will eventually fade away but your love won’t fade away

Text Messages

29. You love me the way i am and it makes want to be better, your love makes me better

30. Being friends with you is hard, but loving you is easy, i guess i just want to be more than friends with you

31. Your luv has made me realize i need you, because you are so wonderful

32. Happy days is all i experience when am i with you, i want to luv you forever so i can have happy days

33. You are the reason i love, the reason i trust, the reason i live, God sent me an angel and you are the best thing in the world, with you by my side brings tears to my eyes

34. You are the flames in my fire, when it burns it’s so intense, passionate and hot, i know you are not supposed to put your finger in the fire, but i can’t get my hands off you

35. My heart yearns for your love, feels like your love is all i need and will ever need

36. I want to stay with you forever, i need your touch, your lips, your smile, your kiss always

37. You are so cool, you are so beautiful, you are so adorable and most importantly you are so loveable

38. Your luv gives me so many reasons to be inspired, influenced and great in life

39. My love is all i have to give you, worth more than silver or gold, you will never find anything better than that on the surface of the earth, this much i can promise you

Sweet SMS

40. I am missing you like crazy, you will never understand the feeling, it’s overwhelming and much too strong1.

41. Can i lay by your side, next to you to make sure you are alright

42. We started as friends but now my heart says different, how did we go from there to here? You can say all you want but i know you feel the same

43. There is probably a difference between us and a million miles, but love breaks barriers, so nothing can tear us apart

44. It seems am acting so silly and lovely, but you don’t know the love you are giving me

45. Hallelujah, you are an angel in the shape of my mom, whenever i fall down you are there pulling me up

46. You are my magic city, i always like to visit and explore every part of you, i was looking for love in all the wrong places but i found it in you

47. Now my life is so great, i feel no worries since i have you by my side, you have been the missing link in my life

48. Lay your head to rest, let us put love to the test, let love lead the way if we believe, lets join our minds and hearts together

49. Love is a language straight from the heart, it breaks every boundary

50. Love is a soul search, out of all of God’s gift its the greatest of all

51. Tonight am going to lay you on the bed, no sex, holding is enough, just going to give you slow kisses till you fall asleep

52. Settle down with me, lie down with me, hold me, with your heart against my chest, and your lips pressed to my neck, am in love, kiss me like you want to be loved

53. Anytime you need a lover call on me,i will be waiting,  my heart aches for you, baby i want you

54. Tick tock am waiting, there’s a fire burning, every minute and second am thinking about you, its a blessing you are in my life

55. You are my life support, when i am with you me, my heart pumps so fast, you will never understand that feeling

56. You don’t understand nothing about love, cos if you do, you would love me too, baby take my hands and walk along, my love is true, baby i love you

57. You are a mystery girl, i have traveled the whole world and there is no one like you

58. We were kids when we fell in love, never knew what it was, i will not give you up now

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