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Thinking about sending Love Text Messages?

How do you express your emotions and feelings towards your lover? Well some can express more easily than others through various means, for some it could be by buying of gifts, others songs, and some just words. Here are some words you can send to your lover as text messages

For Him

  1. You make everything bad about me good and everything good about me better
  1. A few minutes without you is like a lifetime of loneliness, i cannot live without you by my side
  1. To most i love you are just three empty words, but to me i love you are three full words
  1. Am emotional whenever i think about you, so i prefer to always be around you so i don’t have to think about you
  1. I don’t have much to give you, but lots of love to give to you, i hope that’s ok for you
  1. I have tried a lifetime to find you, so please give me a minute to explain to you why
  1. You will never find anyone in this lifetime to love you like i do
  1. One day without your love it’s like i can’t get enough, anytime you are away, it’s like i need a refill

For Girlfriend

  1. I don’t need a cup of coffee, you motivate my body
  1. Hello, it’s me, was wondering if i was on your mind, because you were on my mind just now
  1. How would you feel if i told you i love you, well it’s just something i want to do, to spend my time falling deeper in love with you
  1. I promise you will never be alone, it’s always going to be you and i together, forever, wherever, however whichever.
  1. Am always going to be there for you because you mean all to me
  1. When i look into your eyes i can always see that we are meant for each other, it’s like you were sent from up above and my bible tells me that no one receives anything except he receives from up above

Cute Text Messages For Her

  1. I need sunshine, i need angels, i need something good, i need you
  1. I will stop time for you, the second you say you like me too, i just want to give you the love you need
  1. I know i can treat you better than he can, you deserve a gentleman, i promise i will never let you down
  1. I will drive a million miles just to be around you, anywhere you go i will that is my promise to you
  1. Stay with me, because you are all i need, this is not just love, it’s clear to see
  1. Baby why don’t u come over, i love to spend time with you, i have got plans for you
  1. I have never seen a king without his queen
  1. Knock knock, baby let me in, i will rather be in with you than out, you are a blessing to me
  1. Girl, you make me do the impossible, you help me uncover my hidden abilities, my heart of Gold is yours
  1. Let me run my fingers through your hair baby, let me hold you close to my body and whisper sweet nonsense into your ears, soft whispers between you and i, heart to heart
  1. Of all my possessions in this world, you are the only thing i can’t afford to lose, all other things don’t value as much as you do to me, baby you are priceless

For Wife

  1. Baby you are so valuable to me because your feelings, your opinions, your words of encouragement and support are like gold to me, you are the woman that makes my dream come true
  1. To truly love a woman, it takes a real man, ever since you stepped into my life i have become a real and better man, my life has so much clarity and focus now
  1. I will hold you and show you off to the world to see and know that am yours and you are mine until eternity
  1. You are my best friend and not just my lover, that’s why i feel no pressure when am with you, we as free as the birds the sky, roaming sky high as far as the heavens
  1. Baby you are like an extension of me, anything you feel i feel, so i don’t want to feel bad or wrong, so i can make you feel bad or wrong because i will feel the same way to.
  1. When you are hurt i find it hard to breathe because we are connected to each other with a bond so strong that it defies all odds

I Love You

  1. Am day dreaming about you all day, you have given me something to dream about and am loving it
  2. I know i love you because i always come up with things you need even before you ask
  3. Anytime i try to do something for myself, you also come up, love is the merging of two souls to become one, you are always on my mind
  1. I see a future with you because you look after my every move, you watch over me, please don’t you leave me here in the present
  1. Anytime am with you, i feel like i can reach and touch the sky, am not surprised because you were sent from up above, so you always take me there, what a wonderful feeling
  1. This i promise you, i will there, no matter the storm, the challenge, the barrier, the obstacle, there is no mountain too high to climb just to reach you
  1. I know i don’t deserve you, after all the hurt and pain i put you through, i know nothing i do now can take away the scars and emotions but one thing i know now is that i need you
  1. I don’t think i can ever stop feeling you, been a long time i ever felt this way about anyone, i don’t want to ever lose you, because i know, your touch won’t fade away, your kiss won’t dry away from my lips

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