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Most times it can be pretty hard to express how you feel towards someone, love is something sacred which can most times not be expressed verbally but emotionally through the heart, actions and gestures. Here are a few words that can try to help you express your heart in words, you can send these messages as SMS to your loved ones now

1. They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but diamonds may not be there forever, but my love will always be, my love will keep growing stronger everyday

2. When you love someone its hard to let it go, its like a burning fire deep down in your soul, its like your favorite song, you don’t want it to end

3. This is straight from my heart, hope you can feel it, this is a fresh start, brand new beginning

4. You can never understand how much you mean to me, i don’t think i will ever be able not to love you, it’s like it’s programmed in my heart

5. Right now am sending you this message, i do not understand how, but i guess my heart is in control so you are in safe hands

6. My heart yearns for your presence, your touch and your voice, each time am around you my heart waxes stronger

7. You are tonic for my soul, your love feeds my soul am so health inside all because of you

8. I will soar into the heavenly realms just to be with you if i had to, even if i do not know how to fly, i will learn, because your are worth it

9. Let’s go on a love journey, just you and i, no one else, that’s my dream vacation

10. I know they say love is a cycle, it goes up and down, same way you can fall in love you can also fall out of it. But mine is different, my love for you is like a life journey which transcends from one phase to another just like a learning process, we learn throughout our life, the moment we stop learning we die

11. The moment i stop loving you, i will die, so am not ready to die anytime soon, so is my love for you

12. Showing love most times is like showing how vulnerable you are, many do not like this position and to be honest its not a good spot to be in, but for you it’s a normal thing for me

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