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Making a lady feel special is not always as difficult as most men think, most think they have to spend a ridiculous amount of money just to make a woman feel so special. That is not the case, women need affection and it could come in any form, here are some little things that can go a long way in making her feel so special

1. On your way back from work stop by and get her some flowers

2. Take her out to eat, you can simply buy a burger and split into two, she would feel so happy, its about the care and affection not about the actual food. This will give her a sense of unconditional love

3. Write little notes about how special she is and how much you love her and leave them in her shoes or by her mirror table

4. Call her at different times of the day while you are out, you don’t have to say much, just say you calling to say hello, or you miss her

5. Take her out unannounced, women love surprises, if you can put a woman in suspense she will always feel special

6. Go out of your way sometimes to do things for her, it would make her weak in the knees

7. Always tell her sexy she looks always, makes her feel she is attractive

8. Plan surprise meals for her, you can her make her breakfast in bed, you tell her this is for all the times you cooked for me

These are just a few tips you can implement into your relationship, women just need affection, not money or sex, am not saying money and sex are not important, but of all three affection is the most important.

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