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Marriages start from relationships, but it can be difficult to know if a relationship would lead to marriage. Here we are looking at signs to know if a man is going to marry you as a woman, this is so because a man marries a woman and not the other way round, yes these days you read or hear stories about women proposing to men, well not a bad idea but i feel it is not supposed to be so, at best a woman can always guide her man into committing to her. So are you in a relationship and what to know if the man will marry you? Here are some signs you should look out for

Marry Me Signs you should look out for

1. He introduces you to his family casually without any formal intentions of marrying you

This is a sign that he sees you worthy. Most men do not like to do this because in the long run it becomes difficult to leave you if things doesn’t work out because the family is involved and perhaps the family likes you a lot, it becomes more difficult because the family members will put a lot of pressure on him. So him introducing you to his family casually is a sign that he is willing to make a commitment no matter what

2. He tells you everything

This might even be a subconscious act meaning he loves and trusts you with everything. If you find him suddenly calling you out of the blue every now and then to tell you what just happened to him, then he wants you and may want to marry you

3. He asks you for your opinion and decisions he wants to make

Asking you might not necessarily mean he is incapable or he doesn’t know what to do and asking you might not also mean he will do what you say, he is just asking because he sees you as relevant in his life and your opinion matters

4. He always uses “We” whenever he is referring to anything that may involve both of you

So when he makes statement like we should visit Paris soon, or we could own a business together etc, then he certainly has plans for you

5. He forgives you easily

If he does this then it means you mean much more to him than your mistakes, then you are certainly wife material for him

6. He makes excuses for you most times

Apart from forgiving you easily if he also makes excuses for you then he certainly wants you as a wife sooner or later but doesn’t know it yet

7. He gets jealous and irrational sometimes

Then it means he loves you enough to be scared that someone else might make you happy than he can and he could loose you, this is a healthy sign that could lead towards marriage

8. He asks you to do personal things for him like run errands etc.

This simply means he has settled for you but he doesn’t know it yet, he trusts you enough to have you do things for him or on his behalf, this is a good sign

9. He orders you around

I do not mean in a bossy or commanding way, but with respect, he does this to make you realize that he is your man and you are his woman

10. He tells you what he likes and doesn’t like

In doing so he is trying to make you understand him better so you can learn how to cope with him

11. He is ready to fight for you

Ready to protect you no matter the cost, this is the ultimate sign, when a man is willing to fight and die for the one he loves then be rest assured you will end up with him if you really want him

12. He surprises you

Surprises tend to make people happy somehow, it also tends to keep people interested. So if he surprises you every now and then, he is trying to keep you interested in him and this is a good sign that he is going to marry you

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