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Marrying the right person can be blissful and fulfilling, it makes going through life’s issues and challenges resolvable and worthwhile. When you are married to the right person you feel complete and loved, even when your partner does not necessarily go the extra mile to prove his or her love you just feel a sense of love from within.

Most importantly you feel connected to yourself and to God, he dwells where there is peace, loe and harmony. Contrary to most beliefs of no such thing as marrying the right person, i believe that such people lack the necessary understanding of what it takes to finding out due to impatience and lack of learning. Most people believe you just have to make do and try your best to make it work, but what happens when and if your best is not good enough or nothing just seems to be working?

Remember you cannot force the heart to do what it does not want to do, it is suicidal, the key to marrying the right person involves having an understanding of the following

Ways To get Your Dream Partner

1. First discover who you are, what you like and what you cannot tolerate or cope with
For instance if you cannot tolerate loud people, how can you spend the rest of your life with a loud person? Just makes no sense, another example, if you get angry easily, would it be sensible or wise to marry someone who also gets angry easily or someone who is patient and slow to anger? Here common sense applies

2. You must be prayerful
Committing this task to God will point you towards the right person mysteriously, although you might not like it at first

3. You must exercise patience
Impatience is a one of the main causes of marrying the wrong person, most time due to pressure we end up making irrational decisions

4. You must think with your head first before your heart
The heart does things based on emotions which is not a good measure for decision making

5. You must let go of unrealistic expectations
Unrealistic expectations most often times leads to wrong choices

6. You must be open minded
Being close minded can block out opportunities which you can find in the strangest of places and unexpected ways

7. Lastly, when you meet someone, discover who they are and what they cannot tolerate
Determining this will help you know if this aligns or resonates with you, thereby helping you save you lots of energy useful for worthwhile challenges. If you are a guy there are signs to know if she loves you and for women you can also know if a guy likes you and wants to marry you through some signs

Marriage Quotes

1. A man’s success has a lot to do with the kind of woman he chooses in his life

2. A good marriage is like fine wine it gets better with time, so do not be in a hurry

3. Marriage is an institution and like a school the first year is always the most difficult and overbearing, once you full through the first 1 to 5 years the remaining years will be easy

4. Marriage can never be compared, like people, all marriages are unique and special

5. When you know the truth about an issue but choose to stay silent and resolve things amicably with your partner then you are married

6. Going into a marriage is a one way journey, there is no return ticket, once you hop on the plane, there is no looking back

7. What you put in you get out, marriage is a like a computer, it gives out whatever information or activity you feed into you, so be wise

8. The altitude and success of your marriage solely depends on the attitude of you and your partner, so be sure to agree on fundamental things

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