13 Messages For My Love: I Love You More Than Love Itself 5/5 (2)

13 Messages For My Love: I Love You More Than Love Itself 2

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Your love completes you, makes you feel good about yourself, gives you a reason to live, makes you want to get up in the morning, it’s such a wonderful feeling to be in love, in fact it’s the best feeling ever, so cherish the love you have before you lose it due to negligence. Message for my love is a sure way to get your love text game going

1. My love if you are reading this, just want you to know i would rather love you than love anyone else in the world because no one understands me like you do

2. You see through me, you know how to peep into my soul, you know where it hurts and how to comfort me, that’s more than i will ever need in life to get by, thanks my love

3. My love, have i told you today that i love you and that tomorrow i will love you and the day after tomorrow i will also love you, next week, next month, next year?

4. If i die today my love, i leave you my greatest assets of all, my undying love which fades not, my love which can and will stand the test of time.

5. Tomorrow is uncertain, but one thing that is certain is love, so my love for you tomorrow will be certain. I love you

6. Love is the purest form of life, so since i met you, my life has been pure, i feel whole, i feel nurtured, i feel cared for and most importantly i feel like i can take over the world

7. My love for you is like the sea that runs deep, until i get to the depth of the sea, then i may stop loving you

8. Just like the sun you light up my life, just like the stars you brighten my life, just like moon you give my life depth

9. When am asleep i dream about you, when i am awake i think about you, everything about me is you

10. I am a prisoner of your love, i have sentenced myself to life imprisonment in your heart.

11. Heaven and earth cannot take away the love i feel for you, so as long as there is a heaven above and an earth beneath my love for you will never fade

12. I was glad when faith put us in the same room, i believe in destiny, i am most certain that i have reached my love destination in you

13. You are a diamond in the dust, i struck gold the very first day i met you

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