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No matter how close you are to your partner or how close you want to be, there are certain things or questions you should never ask them. In life generally, the less you know the better, to much information most times tends to bug people. In a relationship or marriage don’t be stupid to ask some of these questions, heads up though, this might be unusual from what you might have read before

1. How many people have you slept with before?

Well the truth is he or she had a life before they met you and that was in the past, and you are the present, so it’s best for you to make sure you remain his present and his future and not another past. Asking this question will only hurt you

2. Do you love me more than you loved your other partners?

Well if he or she did love them more than they love you then they would still be with them and not you

3.Do you love me more than your family?

Why should he or she love you more than they love their family? Are you trying to sabotage, this could pass a wrong message to your partner, they would feel when the chips are down he or she will be expected to choose you over family, this is never a good way to base a relationship, it will hunt you

4. Will you die for me or remain alone even if i die?

This is not a movie and your partner is not the savior of the world. If he or she dies life goes on, you will only be missed after a while he or she will have to move on

5. Do you really want me?

Well this is tricky and could swing either way, yes you really need to know if your partner wants to be with you, but the reality is they do, if they didn’t they wouldn’t be with you. Although intentions could be hidden, but asking is not the way in finding out the true intentions of your partner, other ways like praying and making close observations are they way to seek answers to this question.

6. Do you love me as much as i love you?

This isn’t healthy to ask because in reality your partner may either love you more than you love them or vice versa, it is not a thing to be worried about, you cannot expect 50/50 love, really no such thing exists right from the beginning but over time it will get to that. When you begin to ask these questions, you either prove to your partner that you are insecure or jealous and this may hurt your relationship gradually

7. Do you think you can handle me?

Well while your intentions might be sincere on this, it might also swing the other way, people process information differently so it is always best to avoid somethings altogether. Asking your partner this question might pass a message of over confidence in ones beauty, achievement and personality and there is a saying that goes thus pride comes before a fall

Well this are just a few things i think you shouldn’t ask your partner, although not set in stone, it is just based on personal opinion. So we do not recommend but only suggest, you might find some you agree and align with

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