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42 Happy New Month Messages You Can Send To Your Loved Ones Right Now 17

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Every new month is a blessing, so it’s always nice to send loved ones messages to wish them the best the month has to offer, yes, it can be hard coming up with messages to send, well that’s why we are here. Below are some messages that can inspire you to come up with your own messages or you can just simply copy word for word and send to your loved ones, so bring out your phone and start typing


1. In this new month, all your hopes and dreams shall be manifested, all ideas turned into conceptualization, all hopes turned into dreams and all dreams turned in to reality

2. A new month signifies new beginnings, i see everything new happening in your life in this new month

3. Take a leap of faith in this new month, just like you, this new month does not know what lies ahead of it, but with faith it marches on, so i implore the same for you. Step into this new month with faith

4. This month is your month and you shall receive double portion of every blessings meant for you in this month

5. You are blessed and lifted up in this new month, this new month shall be the best month for you

6. Just as the rising of the morning brings new tidings, blessings and opportunities, in this new month you shall experience the goodness and mercy of God

7. Happy New Month, may the grace of God locate you wherever you are, may his mercies abound with you throughout this month and beyond

8. In this new month you shall be separated and favored both by God and men, wherever you go, you shall be accepted and honored

0. I wish above all things that you prosper in this new month and beyond, that is my prayer for you. Happy New Month

10. This is a new month with new things to unveil, new experience, new opportunities, so i wish you a happy month

11. We made it to this month, i believe this month has a lot of goodness in store for you, i pray you partake in every opportunity and blessing that comes your way this month in Jesus name. Amen

12. There is something always special about a new month, and i believe it’s the freshness and newness of it, this makes me understand that we can always experience the freshness and newness that each new month has to offer us. Happy New Month

13. New means fresh, beginning, in this new month you shall experience fresh blessings, this is the beginning of new things to come in your life

14. In this new month you shall only go to where you shall be favored and blessed, you shall not walk into evil in Jesus name

15. Just like the months can never go backwards, i pray for you this new month that you will never go backwards in life in Jesus name

16. The months go forward and never backwards, in this new month you are going forward ever and backward never


17. Step into greatness and new heights in this new month

18. Be uplifted and elevated in this new month

19. The joy of the Lord is your portion today and every other day in this new month

20. In this new month, you shall walk in favor, success and unstoppable glory.

21. This new month shall be 10 times better than the last month, everything you missed out, you shall get them in this month.

22. Your strength shall be renewed in this new month and you will mount up wings like eagles, you shall run and not faint, thus says the Lord who created the new month

23. There is always glory in anything new, so you shall walk into new glory in this new month and beyond

24. The good Lord has given you the grace to see the new month, so i pray you shall enjoy the good blessings of this month

25. When others are wondering how the new month will be, you will experience the goodness of it

26. It’s your time to arise and shine, for your light has come, this month you shall be a light unto the world, everything you lay your hands on shall prosper

27. Anything new does not lack because provisions have been made, enjoy the provisions of this new month in Jesus name

28. Just like a new born baby receives gifts, receive the gifts of this new month

29. Newness and freshness shall abound with you throughout this month and beyond in the precious name of Jesus


30. Each day in this new months has it’s blessings, so i wish you all the blessings that each day in this month has to offer

31. May you walk in the blessings that this month has to offer all the days of this month

32. No blessings of each day of this month shall elude you, you shall enjoy each and every blessing and there shall be no carry over blessings to the next month

33. The joy of this new month shall bring you great happiness and fulfillment, everything you lay your hands on in this new month shall be fruitful

34. Every situation or challenge of last month shall end with last month, this new month, you shall experience, joy, love, peace and breakthrough

35. I pray you walk in the newness and freshness that this new month has to offer, nothing good shall escape you this month, you shall reap 10 folds in Jesus name

36. You have been experiencing new months, but i tell you, this month shall be better than all the months you have ever experience since you were born

37. I pray that you shall not lack anything good in the new month, the blessings of this months that belongs to you shall be handed over to you by the good Lord in Jesus name. Amen

38. Every thing that looks hold shall fade away because this is a new month, so everything about it must be new, so old things have passed away and new things has started in your life now in Jesus name


39. Its Amazing how each new month always shows up, it’s like clockwork

40. Every new month has hidden blessings and codes which only God knows, but he has promised to reveal to those who are his own

41. You can always re-program what you want the new month to be like for you by visualizing and declaring to it and the universe will go to work to make it happen

42. The new month can never be like the past month and there will never be any month like the present month

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