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problem in relationship

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There are moments in your relationship you start to feel like maybe you are actually the problem, but most times you may never want to admit it because we as humans never want to be blamed or responsible for our actions no matter how obvious they may seem. Most times it may be that we do not even see or know the signs pointing at us that we are actually the problem. Here are some signs to watch out for

1. You are always the one getting angry over issues

This is a very obvious sign, if you notice that you are always the one getting angry, shouting, trying to be difficult, then it may appear you are certainly the problem and this could be unintentional. Some issues for this could be unresolved emotions from a previous relationship or towards your family, paranormal, insecurity, fear or intimidation.

2. You always want things to go your own way

This is another obvious sign, anyone who always want things to go his or way will end up pushing away people from them or causing more trouble in a relationship because your partner will get fed up and feel he or she is not valuable to you. There needs to be a balance between your wants and that of your partner.

3. You take to many advice from people or parties who do not know much about your relationship.

The truth is no two experiences are the same, but we can always learn from others but not blindly, if you find yourself taking advice to much and not sitting down to think for yourself then you are the one causing problems in your relationship. What you do not know is that those advising you are simply doing so based on their own experience and understanding and if anything goes wrong they cannot be blamed or held responsible, its your job to sit down and think it through and the only person who can help you out is God because he knows all and sees all

4. If you have unrealistic expectations

This has a way of making you see what’s wrong all the time and what is right, if you are constantly tormented by what and how you think your relationship should be then you are the problem in your relationship, until you fix that, it might be very difficult for you to stay in that relationship

5. If you compare your relationship with that of other people’s relationship then you are headed for failure in your relationship.

No two relationship are alike no matter how it may seem, every one of them is peculiar

6. Watching porn

This has a long term negative effect on your relationship because it creates unrealistic desires which you would try to meet up with but the truth is that those porn actors and actresses are paid to do what they do and they do not really enjoy it. The whole show is scripted and most times what they do perfectly isn’t perfect and sometimes takes them long hours of practice to get it right for the camera. The negative effect this has on your partner is that you begin to seek your desires met else where if they are not forthcoming from your partner, the illusion makes you see your partner less and unworthy, but it’s a deception from reality

7. Lack of love for yourself

If you are constantly feeling bad about yourself, depressed, not loved etc then this would rub off on your relationship, you cannot give what you do not have, so if you do not have love for yourself you cannot give to another person.

8. If you constantly criticize your partner

Then you are the problem in your relationship, it is always good not to dwell on the past but to always look forward into the future, life always moves in only one direction and that is forward. Constantly criticizing your partner would only sabotage his or her efforts to becoming a better person


These are just some signs that you may be the problem in a relationship. Making a conscious effort to overcome these problems can actually move your relationship forward into greater heights

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