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When it comes to searching for a wife, in a man’s world it’s completely different from having a relationship that might even lead to marriage. Ironically a man could or would date irregardless of preference or may be willing to compromise to an extent, but when it comes to marriage the reverse is the case. Men are usually meticulous and calculative, why ? well the woman they will marry

  • Obviously they will spend the rest of their lives with them
  • The woman will be the mother of his children
  • The woman will have a part to play in shaping his destiny

So for just these 3 above reasons, you can see how important this is to a man, so how do you know what a man looks for when considering a wife? Here are some qualities

1. Respect

The number one need of a man is respect, so a woman who knows how to respect and honor her man will be very valuable, but sadly most women believe in honoring their man they have to become a slave to him, so they tend not to do it. But to honor your man simply means to respect his personality, patience, kindness. Any man who tells you or makes you feel you have to be a slave to him in order to respect him is only insecure

2. Care

Every man likes to be taken care of, as simple as walking up to your man in the morning and saying “honey, please go and take your bath” or “Honey, i have kept your food n the dinning table” or “Darling please go and eat your food” goes a long way in securing a man’s heart

3. Support

The lord after creating Adam saw that it was not good for him to be alone and that he would need someone to help him out so he created eve, so every man needs a woman who will give him good sound ideas on important issues like how to move the family forward

4. Warmth

What’s better than a man coming home into the loving arms of his wife’s kiss and hugs, he comes home to find you inviting, food on the table, house tidy, your hair looking good, your body smelling nice, he can see a bit of flesh here and there, the conversation is interesting and free of critism. Trust me that is a home will always run back to whenever he has the time

5. Humility

Every man loves a humble woman, a woman who is quick to say sorry and ready to learn to become better. What most women do not understand at times is that, even when you are wrong as a woman and you still apologize to your husband, it does not make you foolish, it actually makes you a wise woman and your husband will love you for that, although he may not show it because of his ego, but secretly he will cherish you.

Here is a late Video about Qualities of a woman from the Late Great Preacher Dr Myles Munroe


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