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Every king needs a queen, without a queen the kingdom cannot be complete, a queen even in chess game is more powerful than a king, this goes to show the importance of a queen. They say behind every successful man is a woman, so behind every reigning king is a queen, so here are some quotes for her

You Are My Queen

1. My queen, my assistant, my side kick, my adviser, my counselor, my backbone, my best friend, my lover, my partner, my mitigator, my facilitator, my manager, my companion, my alibi, my all in all

2. You know how to hold down my kingdom because you were born to reign as a queen

3. Any time you are around i feel at ease and calm because you always know just what to do, you were born to rule

4. You are the queen of my heart, you rule the affairs of my heart, am at your mercy

5. No one can ever take your place because you have been ordained as the queen of my heart

6. A king cannot have two queens, just one, so you are my queen, any other is a subject

7. I will always mind you because you are my queen, yes you are my queen, i rule over you and you rule over me, am not going anywhere because am your king

8. You are not with me because of what i have or control, you are with me because you want me, and since you have been with me i have been successful in all my endeavors. That’s what a queen does for a King, she compliments him

9. I want to take you around the world, you are as pretty as the rubies and pearls of the world

10. Since the day you walked passed me, i knew i had to make you my queen, you had that majestic vibe that captivated my mind, leaving me thinking i was your king and hoping you would be my queen

11. Come closer, take my hand, am everything you will ever need in this life, i promise to always be by your side, i need you by my side, i want you in my life

12. I promise to never make you cry, will never lie to you, i will be your king, you my queen and a queen is always mean’t to be happy and spoilt

13. I will treat you right, queens don’t hate, they don’t fight and most definitely stay unless their king treats them right, so this is my promise to you because you deserve love, a heart to own and a place to belong to. You belong with me

14. Just like the sun shines so bright, you brighten my life, you are the only one i have ever seen with the brightest smile, your outlook has changed my whole perspective in life.

15. You are my queen and i understand that you are the only one i will serve, i will give you my body, my heart, my love and every other thing you expect from a man

16. Who could ever think of anything better than you, who would ever think of hurting you, i will sacrifice my all and give it all to you, all and more because you are my queen and you deserve it all

You Are A Queen

17. Everyone admires and adores you, that’s because they see a queen in you like i see

18. U are a shinning star, a dime in a dozen, a diamond in the rut and most importantly a queen among queens

19. A queen is one who stays in background to do all it takes for her king to succeed and never tries to take the glory

20. The glory of a woman is her man, the glory of a king is his queen, you are my glory

21. A queen is built to support a king, and you do it so well, you are living up to your purpose

22. People always wonder how you move and do things so effortlessly and graciously, i guess they don’t know it’s because you are a queen

23. You are ordinary, yet a supernatural being, you shine so bright as the moon in the night time, you are a shinning star i caught for myself and i will cherish you for the rest of my life, that’s why i have made you my queen

24. You are my queen, you take me to places where i have never been, you make my heart miss it’s rhythm from time to time, you remind me of how the beauty and magnificence of this world

25. Out of a million you stand out, when i look into your eyes i see paradise just like the way God intended, so captivating that everyday i want you more. The feeling is oh so good

26. My queen no one can ever take your space, that’s a fact that can never be erased, you are the only one that makes me smile, you make my boat float upon the river Nile

27. You are a queen because you are a nurturer, a superwoman, a daughter that has become a mother, you are my rock, you inspire me to climb the highest mountain, i will love and cherish you from my heart

28. You are my queen, you gave birth to my land, you are my backbone, you wear the crown perfectly, i hold my head high because i have you by my side.

29. You are my wonderful counselor, just like an old soul or grandma, you are that sweet encouraging voice that pushes me to reach for my dreams, i will cherish and treat you like royalty

30. I never want you to leave me, you are my sensitivity, you are a warm and strong woman, behind every great man is a virtuous woman. I promise to never call you out by your name until the end of time.

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