25 Sizzling Hot Romantic Text Messages That Will Melt Your Lovers Heart 5/5 (4)

25 Sizzling Hot Romantic Text Messages That Will Melt Your Lovers Heart 2

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Most men are not romantic and it’s kinda sad because most if not all women are hopeless romantics, but you can remedy this situation by at least sending your lover these Romantic Text Messages

Romantic Messages

1. I fell in love thanks to you, i thought i never could or never would find love

2. Hold me tight, don’t let me go, because i don’t want to go

3. Close your eyes, lean on me, let me feel your worries and fears

4. I have a woman stronger than anyone i know, i found a love to carry just more than just my secrets, to carry my children, that is you my darling

5. Darling, hold my hands, be my girl, i will be your man, i see a future in your eyes, i have faith in what i see.

6. I have found an angel in person, she looks perfect and i don’t deserve it, you look perfect to me

7. You and i are two of a kind, we are drifting over the edge

8. I will fall for you, if i fall for you, will you fall too?

9. You and i are learning to speak the same language of love and it will stand the test of time

10. Tell me how to fall in love the way you want to, i am willing to learn for as long as it is required

11. Am happier when am with you, it gets me going, hoping and looking forward to something worthwhile

12. I do not need to drink or smoke to get high, you give me a natural high when am around you

13. I feel safe when am around you, i love the way you help me conquer my fears

14. You are the one girl and you that it’s true, the feeling i get anytime i am alone with you is priceless

For Him

15. My love, the world looks better through your eyes

16. Something told me you were the one for me when i first saw you

17. Something deep down in my soul told me to approach you the moment i laid my eyes on you

18. I will rather be blind than to see you walk away from me

Will you be my shelter, will you be my open arms, will you be the one i come home to every night

For Her

19. Patience is my enemy, but your love is my friend, your love helps me defeat my enemy

20. My heart is no longer mine, it belongs to you now, please take care of it

21. I can never get enough of your love, i am as well face it, i am addicted to your love

22. I am in love with your body and the shape of you, you move like a queen, everyday i discover something brand new about you

23. You know me so well, you understand me like i understand myself, anywhere you stand i will stand

24. Right now am sitting here thinking about your kiss and warm embrace, can’t wait till you are in my arms again

25. I will call you baby, i will tell you i need you, because i mean it and i believe it

25 Sizzling Hot Romantic Text Messages That Will Melt Your Lovers Heart 3

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