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Are you in doubt about you in a relationship that feels shallow or unserious? Well in some relationships some partners do not really take it serious, they could be in it for other motives which you are not aware of. Most times it is never your fault, the true intentions of others are always embedded in their hearts, but there signs that can give you clues and some of them includes

1. Your partner is always and only much interested in sex and tells you what you want to hear at that particular moment

2. Your partner always avoids confrontations or issues that has to do with your relationship and anytime you ask him or her why they say they rather not fight or argue. But the reality is that such issues need to be tabled and resolved for progress to happen

3. Your partner doesn’t take your appearance serious, he or she doesn’t care how you look, this might seem trivial but the truth is that, if your partner is really serious about you, he or she will care about how you look because it affects him or her as well

4. Your partner only wants you around when he or she needs something from you like sex, any other time, they would say they are always busy when they really aren’t

5. Your partner really does not bother how you react to them in most cases, they often pretend it’s OK even if it’s not, it’s just a sign they aren’t really into the relationship, a partner that truly cares, would be bothered about how you react to him or her most times

6. Your partner sees loving you as a burden and is mostly angered when you initiate romantic gestures like cuddling or holding hands, they often say things like, am not the romantic type, i get weary etc. Reality no one is born or gifted with romantic gestures, we just act it out based on instincts

These are a few things you could observe in your relationship to gauge the level of seriousness, well these are by no means set rules, they are simply just pointers to guide you in the right direction.

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