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It can be really frustrating if you and your partner have different sex drives, although it is near impossible for you and your partner to have the same sex drive due to health fitness levels, genetics and interests. But average similarity is possible, well i mean like a 70/30 possibility

There are extreme cases where partners sex drives are opposite in nature, one partner loves sex and sees it as fun, while the other hates it and sees it as a burden, to be honest this can ruin such relationships if there is no compromise. What do you do if you have a different sex drive than your partner

Understand and belief that it is possible to groom such partner
You need to realize that there are may be reasons why your partner is the way he or she is, it could be that your partner has not really been exposed to such or that he or she has had horrible experiences in the past, well you would say yes maybe rape for a lady, but guys too often are victims, for instance a young boy who was taken advantage of by an older relative’s friend or family etc

Try to find out if there are any reasons
After you have understood that there there might be reasons why your partner is the way he or she is, the second most important thing is to find out such reasons so that it can be addressed

Begin slowly by first making your partner comfortable
You have to take it slow and steady, after you have realized the reason why your partner’s sex drive is different from yours, then you slowly work on it to help him or her regain confidence

If it health related introduce the use of supplements
The use of supplements is a good way to boost sex drive there are lots of supplements that can be used like Vigrx plus for men and Provestra for women

Develop a sex routine
Try to have sex regularly so your partner gets used to it, if the the cause of your partner’s low sex drive is lack of exposure or lack of interest, a regular sex routine can correct it

You can introduce sexy text messages to create interest
Most times, low sex drive can often result from lack of mind stimulation, everything starts in the mind, if your mind is not in it, it would be very difficult. So one way to stimulate the mind is by sexting, ie sending sexy or dirty messages

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