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Marriage is a beautiful thing, it is the bonding of two bodies and souls to become one, in so doing the two souls and bodies become one by sharing everything together from their finances, space, love, challenges, child bearing to sex. Asides love, sex is the most important glue that holds a marriage together to an extent as it strengthens the bond between couples overtime.

Sex in marriage joins to bodies together to become one, so many things changes after marriage like

  • Your relationship with your family and friends
  • Your living conditions
  • Your mental well being
  • Your sex life

Your sex life can change either positively or negatively after your marriage, if during your courtship you never had sex with your partner which is the right thing though, why right? well because sex makes it more painful and difficult to end the relationship if it is not working out well. You may discover that your partner does not like sex as much as you do and you may have to adjust to his or her level or you bring him or her up to your level

Your sex life can also change after you have a baby, having children changes a whole lot of things for a couple in marriage like less time for each other and more focus on the toddlers most especially for women and this can reduce or kill your sex life drastically

Your sex life can also change after marriage as a result of health conditions of your partner, after marriage you may discover that your partner has health conditions which may not allow him or her to live or have an active sex life

Here is a couple that talks about sex life after marriage and kids. Very transparent and open. I learn’t a thing or two, you would too

Must Watch!!!

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