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10 Signs She Loves You With All Her Heart 8

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Well it’s no secret that when a girl is in love with a boy it’s either she makes it obvious or not depending on her personality. some personalities cannot just help but make it obvious. But if you happen to be dating a girl who has a low profile personality then here are some signs that she is madly in love with you

1. She always wants to be around you or she follows you around like a puppy

She thinks, sleeps and eats you, this is a no brainier. But this might turn out differently for some guys, if you are the type that doesn’t mind the attention then you are good to go, but if you are the type that likes space every now and then, it’s best you make her understand from the beginning so she can learn to adjust if not she will push you away unknowingly and will be heart broken

2. She regards you more than her friends and family

If a girl loves you, she will put you above all others even her family and friends

3. She always seeks your advice or opinion before she makes a decision

This does not often mean she doesn’t know what to do, she just needs a man to tell her what to do. Ideally that’s the way a woman should operate because they were formed from the ribs of a man, they are the weaker vessels

4. She often goes out of her way to please you

Truth is women are programmed to please men but not to be abused, the only way to get the best from her is to love and respect her

5. She treats you with respect

This is very simple, women only respect men they love, they are used to not giving a damn about men because they get wooed by men all the time and have encountered all sorts of funny behaviors which makes them feel men are not worth it. But the one who captures her heart has her utmost respect

6. She never shouts or yells back at you when you are mad at her

She is very patient with you and overlooks your shortcomings. If a woman can do this for you, she loves you and you can take it to the bank and deposit it

7. She looks after you like you are her child

Although this can be annoying or undermining sometimes, but it’s a good thing, it only shows her motherly love which is true and pure

8. She acts irrationally and passionately sometimes

She might get angry or act irrationally towards you sometimes without even knowing it. Do not be alarmed it’s just a form of expressing emotions which might have been suppressed for a long time. Emotions suppressed and not expressed can lead to irrational behaviors

9. She is ready to fight for you wherever and whenever

Do not think or believe she is a rascal if this happens, that is love fighting not her, so treat her with more and respect when this happens, it is a privilege

10. She will do anything for you

Ever wondered about somethings she did for you that you thought was impossible? Well a woman in love will do anything for the man she loves

Here are some signs you can look out for in your relationship, no need doubting all the time

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