3 Reasons Why Simi Chose Adekunle Gold Over Falz 5/5 (1)

3 Reasons Why Simi Chose Adekunle Gold Over Falz 1

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By now, it’s no news that sometimes back simi had to choose between Falz the bad guy and Adekunle Gold the Orente crooner, in the end she went with the Afro Soul Crooner. We at LoveHood believe we know why she eventually decided to go with Adekunle, here are some of our reasons

1. Singer Over Rapper

Obviously because he is a singer, rappers really do not get to women unlike singers, everyone loves a singer, most rap songs today have singers singing the chorus. In between Simi looks like a good girl, bad girls are more attracted to rappers because they can easily relate with their creativity and vibe

2. Good boy over Bad boy Swagga

Adekunle Gold looks more like an average dude who is rooted, Falz looks way to fly to be grounded, adekunle looks more like the type of guy your mom will fall in love with instantly, while with falz, mom can be like hmmmm, he is nice but there is something about him, just be careful

3. Reality over Chemistry

Really love does not guarantee the success of a relationship or marriage, rather your readiness and willingness to do what it takes to make it work is what matters, you need the knowledge and experience required. No doubt there was chemistry between falz and simi but i guess she chose to with her guts. Feelings and emotions will fail you 99.9% of the time, but knowledge and wisdom will never fail

From the Simi & Falz chemistry album this song really showcased their chemistry.


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