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Needs Of Men & Women For A Successful Relationship & Love Life 8

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In a relationship the needs of men and women are entirely different and they need to be met in order for such relationships to be successful. You will be surprised how knowing and meeting these needs will tremendously improve your relationship.

What men need in a relationship

1. Respect

Well men have a lot of ego and this comes with the believe or reality they have been made the head, as a woman in a relationship you have to respect your man no matter what. Respecting your man will make him love you unconditionally, but sadly women today believe they have what it takes to rub shoulders with men, woman equality has caused a lot of problems and such women end up being on their own raising their kids in the long run.

Let’s face it, man was created by God first and later he saw that man would need a helping hand so out of the ribs of man he created a woman, so why would a woman like to think she is equal, God already saw the problem so he gave a decree saying women respect your husbands and husbands love your wives. So the first important commandment is women respect your husband, doing so will make the man love you. It is as simple as that, but it is sad that this simple advice is not followed and it has caused a lot of divorce and family break ups.

2. Care

Men need to be cared for, going back to the statement of God seeing that man was alone and needed someone to help him, he created women for that role, to care and nurture their husbands. This care could be basically mentally, morally and physically, the man been the provider has to work hard to take care of his family and in so doing he will be met with lots of challenges and tasks so it is the woman’s place to take care of his needs so that he can focus on providing for the family.

3. Support and Encouragement

It is a tough world out there and it takes a lot to get by, so men need all the support and encouragement they can get from their wives, when you support and encourage your man he will give you the world, never mind that he might misbehave from time to time but he certainly knows what is what when the chips are down, he knows who to turn to

4. Sex

Men are sexual beings, they are moved by what they see, unlike women are moved by what they hear and feel, that’s why with a woman sex is emotional while for men it is never. So men regard sex as an activity to derive pleasure, a man can be sexually aroused in 5 seconds but for a woman it could take up to 5 minutes. So to keep your man happy, give him lots of sex and good one. It is better to be a whore for your man than to have him looking for pleasure out there.

5. Space

Lots of women will not like this, but yes men need lots of space, why? well due to the task that lies ahead of them, they need to think and plan on how to provide and take care of the family, they need to work, need to make things happen

What do women need in a relationship?


They need to know that they are needed, they were created to support and help men so they need to know they are fulfilling that purpose

2. Love

Women were created to be loved, by this they need to be pampered, respected, cherished and taken care of. A woman loved by her man will make the man happy because there is nothing such woman wouldn’t do for her man to make him happy as well. When you love your woman she will respect you no matter what

3. Romance

Women need to be cuddled, kissed, held closely, they need men to make love to them, there is a difference between making love and having sex, for men they derive pleasure from sex, but women derive pleasure from love making. You might be wondering what the difference between love making and sex is well sex is just physical most of the time and mostly the woman might not be actively involved or enjoying it. While love making is emotional, it is the merging of souls in a heated passionate physical activity that transcends into another state

4. Sex

Yes women also need and want sex but maybe not as much as men, but the truth is that they think about sex as much as men do but they are not always open about it so they wouldn’t be labelled as prostitutes or sluts. But when you make her comfortable enough about sex you would be surprised how much she is into it

5. Compliments

If you want to win your woman’s heart always compliment her no matter how little, it reassures them. Always flirt with her, make her feel sexy and wanted, it will build up her self confidence and in return make her happy.

Here are just some of a few things i think are needed by both men and women in relationship, these are not set in stone though, as time goes on when you get to know each other better there are other things you would discover.

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