23 Sweet Short Love Text Messages Inspired By JayZ & Beyonce 5/5 (2)

23 Sweet Short Love Text Messages Inspired By JayZ & Beyonce 1

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Jayz & Beyonce have become a power couple to behold over the years, of all the celebrity couples out there, they are apparently one of the only ones or if not the only ones to hold it down. Here are some short sweet love text messages inspired by their union. Before you dive into the messages, here is a beautiful song from Beyonce about their love, titled You Are My Rock. Enjoy!!!

1.You have got me crazy in love with you, you’ve taken over me and i don’t know what to do

2. You are so contagious, i can’t take it, have my baby

3. I have worked hard in my life to get everything i need, the only thing missing is the Mrs and am hoping you can be the one

4. Everybody was like please don’t like him, please don’t wife him, he is no good, but am glad you were able to see through all the nonsense

5. Either you are the one or am caught in a matrix, the feeling goes on and on with no end in sight

6. Baby i love you, you are my all, they say money can’t buy happiness, but with you i have all the happiness i need

7. With you i feel a connection so strong, like a relation and with you there is no darkness i cannot overcome because you feel like my connection to the sun

8. Baby am so proud to be your girl, you have made me feel like a woman and a queen indeed, you have taking me out of the confusion and blindness in this world

9. I am so in love with you, you complete me by setting me free, i don’t think i can ever live this life without you by my side

10. I can never leave you, because you keep loving me the way am mean’t to be loved.

11. I know you love me, from the way that you look at me, you love me the way i am because years before i became who i am you loved me

12. It’s crazy though, but i see myself having your children, i see myself being your wife, i can see my whole future in your eyes

13. I love you so much that sometimes it makes me want to cry, because i realize you are a blessing in disguise and am grateful to have you

14. You put a smile on my face anytime i see your face and my heart melts, it feels so good that sometimes it hurts

15. I feels like i was created to love, hold, feel and to breath you

16. Anytime you are not around and i need you, tears on my pillow makes up for your absence

17. There is no one left in this world to hold me tight, in your arms i will forever be, that’s where i always want to be

18. We are so good together and i believe there is no storm we cannot weather together, am glad you are my sidekick because you are just what i need to get by till the end

19. I always love your point of views because you live no punches, even when i leave you months on end, you still hold me down, guess you were made just for me, cos we are a perfect fit

20. If am to lose anything to get just one thing, i will lose everything to get just you

21. If it’s a question of my heart, baby you got it, it does not belong to anyone but you, if its a question of my love to, you got it, baby don’t worry i have got plans for you

22. The most amazing feeling i ever felt, words can’t describe how you made me feel when i met you, for you i will paint the sky blue because my greatest joy was you

23. You are my rock, i want to kiss you, touch you, hold you, i love to rock with you, you are the truth, baby rock with me

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