30 Sweetest I Love You Message Inspired By Joe 5/5 (2)

30 Sweetest I Love You Message Inspired By Joe 2
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Loving You Messages inspired by R&B greatest singer Joe who gave us the best love tunes in the 90s, up until today he is still dishing out love hits you can vibe to, you should check out some of his classics, but before you dive into the messages, here is a lovely music video from Joe you can enjoy

This song and video made me realize that a woman’s love shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Sweetest I Love You Messages inspired from some of his lyrics

  1. I get so out of control when am around you, i can’t control my emotions, am so in love with you, hold me close
  2. The first time we met, i knew you had my heart, i tried so much to hide the feeling but you opened me up
  3. Just like the cool summer breeze, so is our lovely affair, filled with champagne and candlelight, romance and moonlights, girl lets make it last
  4. Baby you are the one for me, how do i know? well you have you have got me crazy over you, can’t help myself
  5. You barely caught my eye when i saw you from a distance, your body was outrageous, it blew my mind, your conversation was off the hook, right away i knew i wanted to spend a lifetime with you
  6. Your love is the answer to the question i have been asking because you are everything i can ever need, so please give your all to me and i will love and treat you the way you ought to
  7. Your attitude always get me in the mood,there is something about your polite manners that makes me weak in the need, although you know when to flip the script of me when am out of line, it’s like you know me from inside out
  8. Baby its either i have all or nothing of you, i feel so greedy with you because you are so good for me, i want it all
  9. You are the hope my dreams are built on, my happiness, my everything plus more. You are my fantasy, my hidden desire, you make me so passionate about life
  10. I have tried to picture myself without you and it’s perfect emptiness and i do not want that, i do not want a void or hole in my heart, baby you fill me up
  11. You are a treasure i have found, a diamond in the rough, you sparkle so bright that it lightens up my heart, so my profound joy you radiate into my life.
  12. Kissing your lips gives me the best hangover better all the booze in the world combined together, keeps me in a state of bliss that excites me and i can fight the feeling
  13. Am so into you, so do was you please to me, because your love has got me hoping for something sweet and blissful. You give me a natural high that keeps me coming back for more, so am offering myself to you for more
  14. I cant buy you all the fancy things in the world like diamond rings, trips around the world or pearls but what i can give you is affection, my deepest inner feelings, my heart and soul
  15. When i look into your beautiful eyes, you meet me half way, you accept me just the way i am, you see through me like am a mirror
  16. I know you have doubts about me, just put them aside and follow your heart where it leads you to, all i am is a man who loves you, a man whose heart is true, let your heart lead you to this
  17. No one makes me feel the way you do, no one else comes to you, you are so special to me, you will always be eternally to me
  18. Every time i hold you near, you always say the words i love to hear, it’s like you pick words out of my heart, i might be tempted to think you are a heart whisperer
  19. With just a touch you do so much to me, you make my pain go away, you make me worry less and you make look forward for good things yet to come, no one does what you do to me
  20. Every time i wake up to the touch of your head on my shoulder, feels like a dream come true, you will always be my treasure, just like i imagined from the very start
  21. I would give up everything in order not to be separated from you, because you mean everything to me
  22. After suffering so much, i finally found true love, i was all by myself for a long time, so cold and lonely, i felt like dying until you came into my life
  23. I thank God i found you because i was lost without you, my wish and dream finally came into reality through you, when you came into my life you brought sunlight, now my life is so bright
  24. You complete my life and am so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, am so thankful that i found you, now my life is more meaningful and fulfilling thanks to you
  25. I would give you everything, there is nothing i wouldn’t do just to make you happy, because without you by my side i might not survive and i don’t even want to try
  26. I pray that our love is more than enough to face the challenges of life, i also pray that you are strong the nights am away and when you are home alone
  27. When i get down on my knees at night to pray, i pray to God that we are alright no matter what comes our way because definitely trials and tribulations will come, but with God we shall overcome
  28. I must be the most luckiest man in the world to have found someone who understands me and doesn’t care what she has to do to please me, you are priceless like a rare jewel, a perfect dream come true
  29. Take my love its yours, i was made for you and you were made for me, so lets give back what belongs to each other and live in perfect harmony, everyday will be like a good song with the perfect melody
  30. Tell me what makes you happy and i will go to any length to make that happen, you deserve to be treated right because you are just so right for me in about everything

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