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Men are pretty much logical beings that act according to what they see rather than what they hear, thus goes the saying, men are moved by what they see, that is why they are attracted to beautiful women with curves. In a relationship men’s need are totally different from women needs, understanding this can help you as a woman understand your man better, avoid all the headaches and unnecessary conflicts

The number 1 need of a man is

1. Respect
Men don’t actually need love, they need respect, they equate respect to love, as a woman if you want to love your man just respect him. How do you respect him you may ask, well to respect him is to speak highly of him and hold him in high regards.

Always listen and adhere to his instructions, that does not mean you do not have a say in anything, but you must be diplomatic about it, a man simply just wants to be heard and obeyed first before listening to anything a woman has to say. Understanding this is the key to managing your man properly, a man who has made a law or laid down an instruction can still be influenced to change it, so make no mistake about that, but the key is to first accept his authority and then slowly introduce your view point on the matter

The number 2 need of a man is

2. Sex
Men don’t want sex, they need it, they are sexual creature, that is why it’s easy for a man to meet a woman right now and can have sex with her right away without establishing any feelings unlike the woman who need to first establish feelings before becoming intimate with a man

To a man, sex is more or else a sport needed to function properly, by design a man was created to give and multiply, a physical being created to work and replenish, that’s why the man has the ability to give life through his sperm introduced to the woman who then incubates and brings forth a child

The number 3 need of a man is

3. Care
Man by design wasn’t created to care for himself, he was created to care for others like his family for instance, to provide and protect, that was why God said to himself after creating Man that, it is not good for him to be by himself he needed a help mate, so God created a woman to help him, typically a woman is just a man with a womb. To help the man do other tasks.

To love a man is to care for his personal and emotional needs, a man needs to come back later in the day to the arms of his loving and comforting wife to help ease all the pain and stress of the outside world, so he needs to be fed, his house needs to be in order and tidy, his children well looked after

To wrap up here is a video from the late great preacher Dr Myles Munroe talking about what men really want in a woman

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