Who is Justin Bieber Dating? Lessons To Learn 5/5 (1)

Who is Justin Bieber Dating? Lessons To Learn 1

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Justin Bieber the world’s famous teen sensational superstar who stole our hearts with his first debut single Baby featuring Ludacris is at it again, this time in the dating arena, after splitting up recently with Selena Gomez, it seems the star is in yet another dating roller coaster with Hailey Baldwin, but from reliable sources we learnt that the dating is casual.

Please someone explain to me what casual dating is?

Funny, anyways, it’s been over a month since they have been supposedly dating casually, despite the fact that they have been spending lots of time together. We also learnt that the two actually had a fling back in 2016 but later on got back together early this spring. On one occasion they were seen partying in Miami, furthermore they were seen hanging out at various parks in Manhattan.

But what caught most people’s attention was that they were spotted together in a church in Washington, although we could say this was also random, but not far from that time, they were also seen hot tubing at a resort there, so how’s that for casual dating?

Anyways, am not surprised because Justin and Hailey have always been into one other, as they dated briefly in 2016, so we suspect that the feelings never really went away. You cannot force the heart to do what it does not want to do, you can’t do away with feelings just like that.

Justin Bieber – Baby Ft Ludacris


Lessons To Learn

  1. There is no such thing as casual dating, it only messes you up, dating is a serious thing, yes friendship can be casual but the moment you step it up to dating it is a different ball game
  2. Dating involves commitment which most people today aren’t ready for but want to enjoy the benefits, some call it friendship with benefits and it is a very wrong approach that causes more harm than benefit
  3. Discipline is key, fame has a whole lot of responsibility that comes with it, if you are not strong or principled enough it will control you initially and later destroy you eventually

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