8 Ways To Know If He Is A Chronic Womanizer On Social Media 5/5 (1)

8 Ways To Know If He Is A Chronic Womanizer On Social Media 1

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Are you presently in a relationship with a guy or you are about to enter into one and you feel he is a womanizer but you aren’t quite sure, well its always best you know before hand what you are dealing with. It can be tricky to know yes, better still it will be bad enough if you think he is and eventually find out he isn’t, anyways one good way of finding out is through social media, lots happen on there and it’s usually the first good place to look.

Aren’t you amazed that even government agencies are not using social media channels to investigate and make conclusive decisions on cases and issues involving citizens, you to can earness the power of social media to make your own findings

The pain felt from heart break in the past has turned some guys into sensational playboys that at the sight of any lady, what comes to their minds when they view ladies picture is to bleep their kitty cats.

The activities of these guys cannot be omitted from social media hereby using all avenues to ensure that a lady fall for their devious ways.

Source: Nairaland

So here are some characterizes a chronic womanizer would exhibit on social media

1. His friend lists would be mostly dominated with females
2. He will constantly poke and DM ladies
3. He would spend most of his time checking out pictures of ladies
4. Always quick to open threads to confess their love for ladies they barely know
5. They are usually very aggressive to the point of bashing ladies without reasons
6. They usually aren’t bothered when they are called perverts
7. They are actively involved in sexual issues
8. They suck up to ladies to the point of ass licking just to get in their good books at all cost

These above tips are not set in stone, they are basically guidelines or clues to help you look at the big picture

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